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FY 2015-2016 Grant Deadline has passed

The next grant opportunity will be March, 2016.

​​The Phoenix Office of Arts and Culture's Grants Program supports organizations that have as their primary purpose and function, the creation, performance, and exhibition of arts or cultural programs. 

The Grants Program goals are to:

  • ​expand the availability of arts and cultural activities throughout all social, racial, ethnic and economic sectors of the city;

  • champion, promote and expand cultural diversity;

  • foster programmatic and organizational support for artists representing all cultural traditions.

​​Grants are awarded on a competitive basis. Past grant awards are no assurance of future awards. Applicants - part​icularly first-time applicants--are strongly encouraged to contact Office of Arts and Culture Grants staff to discuss/review your organization's project proposal prior to the application deadline. 

​To learn more about a category, click on the category title below.  ​

*New for 2015-2016:*

  • ​General Operating Support Applicants will be directed to a new web-based application being piloted for FY 15-16
  • General Operating Support III applicants are also eligible to apply in the Arts Learning, or Festivals, or Rental Support category, provided they meet eligibility requirements for the category. 
  • Organizations that do not have 501c3 status are eligible to apply using a Fiscal Agent. (Fiscal agent must meet eligibility requirements. An organization serving as fiscal agent does not sacrifice its own eligibility for grant support).

​​The Office of Arts and Culture offers the following categories of grant support:​

General Operating Support: Organizations supported by General Operating Support grants are vital to the artistic and cultural development of Phoenix, as evidenced by the size, scope and maturity of artistic product, and by the employment of professionals to achieve high standards of artistic quality. 

Operating Support grant category goals are to:
  • ​​sustain a community of organizations that are responsibly governed, well-managed and that provide a large and diverse number of opportunities for residents and visitors to enjoy exhibits, performances, and other arts and cultural activities​;
  • enrich arts and cultural literacy among residents of all ages through education and outreach programs, and opportunities for personal artistic expression and participation; and
  • encourage broad-based, community-wide participation in arts and cultural activities resulting from a diversity of programming that is accessible to all residents.
​​​General Operating Support Level I    serves organizations with a budget of at least $2,500,000
General Operating Support Level II    serves organizations with a budget between $250,000 and $2,499,999
General Operating Support Level III   serves organizations with a budget between $25,000 and $249,999
Rental Support Program Grants: support the primary users of Orpheum Theatre, Symphony Hall, or Herberger Theatre stages.​

Arts and Culture Learning: grants support partnerships by arts organizations that promote lifelong learning in the arts. Projects can serve youth, adults, seniors or intergenerational groups.​

Festivals: category is matching grant support of projects involving one or more art forms, genre's within an art form, or multi-disciplinary​ art forms that are the cultural or traditional expressions of diverse populations.​