Equity Workshops and Organizational Assessment

​​​​​​​​​​​​The City of Phoenix Office of Arts and Culture believes in fair treatment, access, and opportunity fo​r all individuals. Our equity strategy aims to identify and eliminate barriers that have prevented marginalized groups' full participation from the Office of Arts and Culture programs and to strengthen equity, diversity, and inclusion in the arts and culture sector for all Phoenix residents.​​


 Equity Strategy

Since 2017, the Phoenix Office of Arts and Culture in collaboration with the Phoenix Arts and Culture Commission researched, reviewed case studies, and identified values, con​cepts, and practices concerning equity, diversity, and inclusion (EDI) as it relates to the Office of Arts and Culture's programs. Th​is is a national movement in the arts sector and recognizing that especially in the changing demographics of Phoenix, there is a need for assessing potential inequalities in grantmaking and other services.​​​

For the 2021-2022 ​Community Arts Grants Program, we welcome applicants to participate in racial equity trainings and take part in a pilot equity assessment of their organization. We hop​​​e the discussions and submitted responses we receive will give us a sense of the local community’s need and desire for resources and continued training. 

 Equity Cohort

Organizations that participate in one or both webinars may apply to be part of a pilot equity cohort.

Sign-up details will be available following each webinar. We encourage you to take advantage of this opportunity to have a deeper learning experience with the equity assessment.

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 Session One: Assessment Overview and Tips

​This 90-minute overview session offered organizations an introduction to the racial equity assessment and provided them strategies for how to implement it within their organization with options depending on their size and budget.

Date and Time

Tuesday, February 9, 2021 at 11:30 a.m. (Arizona Time)

Who Should Attend?

This session was intended for both those who put together the Community Arts Grant applications for the organization and ideally general managers, managing director, executive directors and/or someone in a position of leadership.​​

 Session Two: Evolving Towards Anti-Racism

​This two-hour in-depth session was designed with arts and cultural organizations in mind, this training focused on what anti-racism really means and why it’s so vital for organizations to move in that direction. This session also helped organizations completing the racial equity assessment better understand​​ how to progress in more racially equitable ways.

Date and Time

Tuesday, February 16, 2021 at 11:00 a.m. (Arizona Time)

Who Should Attend?

This session wa​s intended for those in leadership positions (on staff or board) , in particular from applicant organizations that are completing an equity assessment as part of their FY22 Community Arts Grant application.

 ‭(Hidden)‬ About the Facilitator


Kathy Hsieh is the Cultural Partnerships and Grants Manager for the Seattle Office of Arts & Culture. A change agent in transforming the City's arts funding program through an anti-racist lens, she helped the agency earn the Seattle Management Association's first Race & Social Justice Management Award. A leader with the City's nationally recognized Race & Social Justice Initiative, she regularly presents for numerous North American forums on racial equity in grant making. Kathy is also a theatre artist and award-winning actor, playwright, director and producer with a special focus on work that creates visibility and opportunities for, and highlights the talent and contributions of, artists of color. She has been honored by the National Association of Asian American Professionals in Seattle as their Artist of the Year, by Verizon’s Asian Pacific American Bash's Innovator Award, an International Examiner Community Voice Award in the Arts, a Gregory Award for Sustained Achievement, and a Seattle Chinese American Citizens Alliance’s Fred Yee Citizens Award.


​​For questions, please contact Sarah León Moreno, grants and community engagement director at sarah.leon@phoenix.gov or 602-262-6164.

 ‭(Hidden)‬ Can't Make It?

​Organizations should try to attend the live session. However, if you can't attend the webinar or want a a refresher after the session, please contact us for a recording at arts.culture@phoenix.gov.