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​Public Art Talks: Bobby Zokaites

Thursday, April 22, 2021 at 10:00 a.m. Phoenix MST​​​

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​About this Event

Join us for the second in a series of Artists Talks about 4 new public art projects in the City of Phoenix. On Thursday, April 22, we will hear from artist Bobby Zokaites about his newly opened project at 73rd Ave and Crittenden Lane in Phoenix, A Time Machine Called Tinaja.

About the Presenter(s)

Bobby Zokaites is an Arizona based sculptor skilled in a variety of materials with a wealth of experience producing artworks for private and public spaces. His industrious work ethic and urban design sense enable him to create distinctive works of art that foster new and dynamic relationships between community, site, history and the natural environment. Blurring the line between fine art, public sculpture, and collaborative practices, his work engages diverse audiences, humanizes public spaces, and often encourages participation with larger-than-life-sized artwork. Born in Virginia, Zokaites earned his BFA at New York School of Ceramics at Alfred University, NY (2008) and his MFA in Sculpture at Arizona State University, AZ (2014). He recently completed two large municipal infrastructure projects in the valley, with the City of Phoenix and Valley Metro. It is integral to Zokaites' practice that his work connects residents to one another and their community in new ways, creating new and lasting experiences.



IG & Twitter: @bobbyzokaites

LinkedIn: bobby-zokaites



A Time Machine Called Tinaja, 2020

Bobby Zokaites, Artist

Dig Studio, Landscape Architect

Magnum Companies, Fence Fabricator

Felix Construction, Contractor

This project was built with Percent-for-Art funds from the City of Phoenix Water Services Department in collaboration with the City of Phoenix Office of Arts and Culture Public Art Program.

Photo by Grey Shed Studios, 2020​

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