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Future of the Convention Center South Building Site

​Market Feasibility Study Update

The consulting firm of Conventions, Sports & Leisure (CSL) recently completed an update to the 2019 Phoenix Convention Center Market Feasibility Study to assess the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic on the convention and events industry and the future needs of the Phoenix Convention Center to stay competitive. The study found that for Phoenix to stay current with competition, long-term planning and investment in the PCC is critical. A future expansion of the PCC’s South Building, the longest-standing building on the Convention Center campus, was recommended by CSL. The study also recommended the City establish an entertainment district around the Convention Center with street-level retail, restaurants and entertainment uses.

Download the FAQs on Market Feasibility Study (PDF)

Download Market Feasibility Study for Phoenix Convention Center and Surrounding Hospitality Assets (PDF)​​

Future Expansion Concepts (PDF)​​​​​​


Future of Convention Cetner South BuildingIn 2019, the Phoenix City Council requested public input on the future of the Phoenix Convention Center (PCC) South Building site. The Phoenix Convention Center and Community and Economic Development departments held a series of community outreach meetings to discuss and collect feedback about the future of the Convention Center South Building site. City staff presented information on the history, use and future options of the South Building and site. Feedback collected was presented to the Phoenix City Council in the fall of 2019.

The South Building along with North and West Buildings make up the Phoenix Convention Center campus. In 2002, the Phoenix City Council adopted the expansion master plan, which consisted of three phases:

Phases 1 and 2 were completed with the construction of the new West and North Buildings as well as the refurbishing of the South Building. Phase 1 and 2 was a $600 million project jointly funded by the state of Arizona and the city of Phoenix. 

Phase 3 was the proposed future development of a new South Building and expansion of the existing site. 

Study Key Findings and Rec​ommendations​

The CSL study update presented to City Council in October 2022 recommended the following PCC expansion program needs:

  • Up to 150,000 square foot contiguous expansion of the upper exhibit hall across Washington Street

  • Up to 40,000 square feet of added meeting space

  • Supporting ballroom, kitchen, loading dock, pre-function and lobby spaces

  • Street-level activation/commercial uses 

Additional investments in hospitality amenities were also recommended to support the future growth of Phoenix's meeting and events industry. CSL recommended an additional 800 to 1,200 full-service convention hotel rooms and a walkable 24/7 district with street-level retail, restaurants, and entertainment uses.

Phoenix Convention Center Competitive Analysis

The Phoenix Convention Center is currently ranked 14th compared to the top 26 competitive and comparable convention markets. With the proposed South Building expansion, Phoenix could jump to rank 10th among the top 26 comparable convention markets.

Additionally, several competing markets are planning major investments in convention center, hotel and other assets designed to increase market capture. As these destinations continue to invest and expand, the CSL study found, the PCC will continue to lose ground from a competitive standpoint.

Comparing Phoenix to 13 competitive convention markets, the City ranks near the bottom at 11th in total number of hotel rooms within a half-mile radius of the Convention Center with 3,659 rooms compared to an average of 7,000 rooms in the competitive set. 

Fact Sheet

The Phoenix Convention Center is an economic driver for the city of Phoenix and region, and directly supports the tourism industry. In the past 5 years, over 4.4 million attendees have walked through the Convention Center doors, contributing to sales, profits, tax revenues, etc. that impact the entire community.

Download Phoenix Convention Center Fact Sheet (44 KB PDF)

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Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q.)​​​​

The following list has been compiled to answer initial questions about the future of the Phoenix Convention Center’s South Building, and site. For additional questions and/or comments, contact PCCSouth@phoenix.gov.

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Provide Feedback or Comments

We welcome your comments, please email PCCSouth@phoenix.gov. When you submit an email it falls under the city's policy which states that the email message is: (1) subject to public disclosure under the Public Records Law, (2) is not private or confidential and (3) is retained for 90 days. You may access internet-enabled computers for free at any Phoenix Public Library location.

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​The Phoenix Convention Center Department manages several venues including the Phoenix Convention Center, Executive Conference Center, Symphony Hall, Orpheum ​Theatre and five parking garages.  The venues host events that attract local, national and international visitors, which contribute a positive impact to the city of Phoenix and state of Arizona economies.  Check out solicitations​ for information about doing business w​​ith the Phoenix Convention Center or city of Phoenix.  

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