Learn How the Phoenix Convention Center Prepares for the Final Fourhttps://www.phoenix.gov/newsroom/phoenix-convention-center/3047Phoenix Convention Center3/18/2024 8:30:00 PMhttps://www.phoenix.gov/newssite/Lists/NewsArticle/Attachments/3047/PCC_12.jpgLearn How the Phoenix Convention Center Prepares for the Final Four<div class="ExternalClassB7C1DD7EA38C4E1A893AA858241796B7"><html> <p>​<span lang="EN-US" data-contrast="auto">Long before any basketballs are dribbled through the streets of Phoenix or fans walk through the doors of the facility for the NCAA Men’s Final Four Fan Fest</span><span lang="EN-US" data-contrast="auto">®</span><span lang="EN-US" data-contrast="auto">, the team at the Phoenix Convention Center & Venues has already been hard at work. </span><span data-ccp-props="{"201341983":0,"335559739":160,"335559740":259}"> <br></span></p> <p> <span lang="EN-US" data-contrast="auto">Conversations with the NCAA and local organizing committee have been ongoing on a regular basis for at least a year by the time the events, and thousands of fans, roll into town. In an effort to make sure the facility is ready, and the event is a slam dunk, the team at the Phoenix Convention Center & Venues has completed capital improvement projects and cleaned every surface. But it's not just about the physical space—this dedicated crew has also been busy building strong relationships and crafting strategic plans to ensure every fan's experience is a winning one from start to finish.</span> <span style="background-color:window;color:windowtext;font-size:10pt;"> </span> </p> <p> <span lang="EN-US" data-contrast="auto">The Phoenix Convention Center is home to the </span> <span lang="EN-US" data-contrast="auto">NCAA Men’s Final Four Fan Fest® presented by Capital One from April 5-8 and leadership at the venue say this year’s event will see even more success than the last time the event was here in 2017. City leaders view this event as just one in a series that cements Phoenix as “Championship Valley.” For the Phoenix Convention Center, that means ensuring the accompanying fan fests deliver the kinds of experiences attendees are looking for.</span> <span data-ccp-props="{"201341983":0,"335559739":0,"335559740":259}"> </span> <span style="background-color:window;color:windowtext;font-size:10pt;"> </span> </p> <p> <span lang="EN-US" data-contrast="auto">“</span><span lang="EN-US" data-contrast="none">The Phoenix Convention Center is unique at being able to host these large-scale sporting events, not just because we’ve got the square footage required for these fan events or because we are located in the heart of downtown, but because of our team,” said Phoenix Convention Center Director Jerry Harper. “Our team is highly qualified and specialized for these types of events.” </span> <span data-ccp-props="{"201341983":0,"335559739":0,"335559740":259}"> </span> </p> <p><span lang="EN-US" data-contrast="none">The Phoenix Convention Center’s event serves as a playground for fans to enjoy during the weekend the games are in the Valley, and down the street at Hance Park, fans can also attend a free concert series. Harper said Phoenix serving as the epicenter for fan events is key to making sure everyone gets to participate in these mega events when they come to town. </span> <span data-ccp-props="{"201341983":0,"335559739":0,"335559740":259}"> </span>   </p> <p> <span lang="EN-US" data-contrast="none">“Whether it’s the Fan Fest for the Final Four</span> <span lang="EN-US" data-contrast="auto">®</span> <span lang="EN-US" data-contrast="none"> or the Super Bowl Experience, that’s a way for people and families in particular to still enjoy the excitement of these major events and feel like they are a part of it and having something they can take back and say, ‘You know, I was part of that,’ when they see a game on TV. And when they look back, they can say, ‘I remember when that event was in Phoenix because I was able to go to the event at the Phoenix Convention Center.’” </span> <span data-ccp-props="{"201341983":0,"335559739":0,"335559740":259}"> </span> <span style="background-color:window;color:windowtext;font-size:10pt;"> </span> </p> <p> <span lang="EN-US" data-contrast="none"> <strong>Making memories happen</strong> </span> <span data-ccp-props="{"201341983":0,"335559739":0,"335559740":259}"> </span> <span style="background-color:window;color:windowtext;font-size:10pt;"> </span> </p> <p> <span lang="EN-US" data-contrast="none">The event simply wouldn’t be possible if it weren’t for the work of multiple departments across the Phoenix Convention Center. </span> <span data-ccp-props="{"201341983":0,"335559739":0,"335559740":259}"> </span> <span style="background-color:window;color:windowtext;font-size:10pt;"> </span> </p> <p> <span lang="EN-US" data-contrast="none">Every part of the Convention Center’s 200-plus person team touches a major event in some capacity. In the lead-up to the event, Event Managers are working with the client to get the specific requirements for placing everything from intricate floor set-ups to stanchions. Event Services is diligently preparing for the event, ensuring a pristine facility awaits guests’ arrival.  Security is working around-the-clock during the event to make sure everyone who passes through the facility doors is safe. </span> <span data-ccp-props="{"201341983":0,"335559739":0,"335559740":259}"> </span> <span style="background-color:window;color:windowtext;font-size:10pt;"> </span> </p> <p> <span lang="EN-US" data-contrast="none">The Event Manager role, said Deputy Director Miguel Munguia, is one of the most critical roles to the event’s success. </span> <span data-ccp-props="{"201341983":0,"335559739":0,"335559740":259}"> </span> <span style="background-color:window;color:windowtext;font-size:10pt;"> </span> </p> <p> <span lang="EN-US" data-contrast="none">“For these mega events like Final Four, an event manager will come on a lot sooner than normal compared to the convention and nonconvention events they are assigned,” he said. “They start building relationships years out and so by the time the client is in the building, there’s a really good business relationship that they have. By the time we get to the event, and everyone is stressed out, it makes things go a lot easier when you have a relationship already established where you’ve built trust.” </span> <span data-ccp-props="{"201341983":0,"335559739":0,"335559740":259}"> </span> <span style="background-color:window;color:windowtext;font-size:10pt;"> </span> </p> <p> <span lang="EN-US" data-contrast="none">The Convention Center’s in-house security team, during and leading up to the event, is working closely with the City of Phoenix Police Department and the City of Phoenix Fire Department in addition to Homeland Security to ensure all attendees are safe within the facility, Munguia said. </span> <span data-ccp-props="{"201341983":0,"335559739":0,"335559740":259}"> </span> <span style="background-color:window;color:windowtext;font-size:10pt;"> </span> </p> <p> <span lang="EN-US" data-contrast="none">“The event manager is there to make sure the event itself is a success,” he said. “Security is there to make sure it's safe. Those are the primary things whenever we have anyone in the building, that the event is safe and successful.” </span> <span data-ccp-props="{"201341983":0,"335559739":0,"335559740":259}"> </span> <span style="background-color:window;color:windowtext;font-size:10pt;"> </span> </p> <p> <span lang="EN-US" data-contrast="none">Meanwhile, the Facilities and Event Services teams are preparing the venue to accommodate the influx of thousands of guests.</span> <span data-ccp-props="{"201341983":0,"335559739":0,"335559740":259}"> </span> <span style="background-color:window;color:windowtext;font-size:10pt;"> </span> </p> <p> <span lang="EN-US" data-contrast="none">“When it comes to preparing for a mega event, we want to look at everything,” said Assistant Director Bob Fingerman. “We want to look at everything from the garages to the exhibit halls and ballrooms. We look at the conditions of our walls and our restrooms, we want to make it is as inviting as possible for our guests. There’s an expectation when you come to the Phoenix Convention Center that we are fully prepared for our attendees and that’s what we deliver on. We dissect the entire campus infrastructure to make sure that what we are providing is a final product that the public and the community can enjoy.” </span> <span data-ccp-props="{"201341983":0,"335559739":0,"335559740":259}"> </span> <span style="background-color:window;color:windowtext;font-size:10pt;"> </span> </p> <p> <span lang="EN-US" data-contrast="none">Event Services, in particular, has a heavy lift in the run-up to the event making sure thousands of square footage of the facility shines. </span> <span data-ccp-props="{"201341983":0,"335559739":0,"335559740":259}"> </span> <span style="background-color:window;color:windowtext;font-size:10pt;"> </span> </p> <p> <span lang="EN-US" data-contrast="none">“Event Services is a really special work group, they really do it all,” Fingerman said. “They are heroes here. They make sure that our facilities are clean, they’re prepared, the rooms are set, and the trash is cleaned up. They’re just a wonderful team that takes all of the specifications and requirements for a given event and make it happen.” </span> <span data-ccp-props="{"201341983":0,"335559739":0,"335559740":259}"> </span> <span style="background-color:window;color:windowtext;font-size:10pt;"> </span> </p> <p> <span lang="EN-US" data-contrast="none">Ahead of the NCAA Men’s Final Four Fan Fest</span> <span lang="EN-US" data-contrast="auto">®</span> <span lang="EN-US" data-contrast="none">, the Convention Center completed a lighting overhaul switching the facility over to LED lighting and migrating control panels. Additionally, the team also completed months of work applying new veneer to the walls of the North Ballroom. </span> <span data-ccp-props="{"201341983":0,"335559739":0,"335559740":259}"> </span> <span style="background-color:window;color:windowtext;font-size:10pt;"> </span> </p> <p> <span lang="EN-US" data-contrast="none">“We’re always improving our campus, our infrastructure and it’s all about keeping the community safe, doing </span> <span lang="EN-US" data-contrast="auto">a </span> <span lang="EN-US" data-contrast="none">great event and really showcasing the destination,” Fingerman said. </span><span style="background-color:window;color:windowtext;font-size:10pt;"> </span></p> <p> <span lang="EN-US" data-contrast="none"> <strong>The ripple effect</strong> </span> <span data-ccp-props="{"201341983":0,"335559739":0,"335559740":259}"> </span> <span style="background-color:window;color:windowtext;font-size:10pt;"> </span> </p> <p> <span lang="EN-US" data-contrast="none">Eric George, the City of Phoenix Major Events Administrator, plays a key role in coordinating mega events not only within the City’s departments, but with outside organizations as well. For this event, Visit Phoenix, Downtown Phoenix Inc., the City of Glendale, the NCAA, the event producers and the local organizing committee all work together to make sure this event is the best it can be. </span> <span data-ccp-props="{"201341983":0,"335559739":0,"335559740":259}"> </span> <span style="background-color:window;color:windowtext;font-size:10pt;"> </span> </p> <p> <span lang="EN-US" data-contrast="none">“There’s so many details to work through about what streets are going to be closed, where people will park and tons of logistics,” George said. “There’s so many crucial parts that come together and it’s cliché but that wouldn’t happen without all of the collaboration.”</span> <span data-ccp-props="{"201341983":0,"335559739":160,"335559740":259}"> </span> </p> <p> <span lang="EN-US" data-contrast="none">The collaboration during these events is part of what brings such significant impact across the region, George said. For example, Super Bowl LVII in the Valley had a $1.3 billion economic impact according to researchers from Arizona State University. A report from the W.P. Carey School of Business at Arizona State University stated that the estimated total economic impact for the 2017 Final Four in Arizona was $324.5 million and experts expect this year’s events to surpass that. </span> <span data-ccp-props="{"201341983":0,"335559739":0,"335559740":259}"> </span> <span style="background-color:window;color:windowtext;font-size:10pt;"> </span> </p> <p> <span lang="EN-US" data-contrast="none">“We also know that when people come in for these major events, they stay and there’s tourism activity,” George said. “There’s interest generated all around the state. People might go to the Grand Canyon and stay a little bit longer. And we know that our economic development partners work diligently to bring in outside businesses that may want to relocate to Phoenix, and what better commercial than some of these major events where you see Phoenix on a global stage.” </span> <span data-ccp-props="{"201341983":0,"335559739":0,"335559740":259}"> </span> <span style="background-color:window;color:windowtext;font-size:10pt;"> </span> </p> <p> <span lang="EN-US" data-contrast="none">Harper said that spotlight on the City is integral to continuing to get these major sporting events in the Valley. The entire City is excited about the NCAA Men’s Final Four</span> <span lang="EN-US" data-contrast="auto">® but</span> <span lang="EN-US" data-contrast="none"> is also looking ahead to what is coming in the next few years. The WNBA All-Star Game is here this summer, the NCAA Women’s Final Four</span> <span lang="EN-US" data-contrast="auto">®</span> <span lang="EN-US" data-contrast="none"> is in Phoenix in 2026 and the NBA All-Star Game is in Phoenix in 2027. </span> <span data-ccp-props="{"201341983":0,"335559739":0,"335559740":259}"> </span> <span style="background-color:window;color:windowtext;font-size:10pt;"> </span> </p> <p> <span lang="EN-US" data-contrast="none">“All of those events are happening in downtown Phoenix,” Harper said. “So not only do we have the fan experiences at the Convention Center, but the games will be just steps away at Footprint Center. So, the energy and excitement will be condensed into this part of downtown and it’s really going to be something people aren’t going to want to miss. And you’ve probably noticed, we have a basketball theme for the next few years and that’s something we are excited about and looking to embrace. I’m looking forward to the rest of the country recognizing this area as the basketball hub for all basketball-related activities in the next few years.” </span> <span data-ccp-props="{"201341983":0,"335559739":0,"335559740":259}"> </span> <span style="background-color:window;color:windowtext;font-size:10pt;"> </span> </p> <p> <a href="https://www.ncaa.com/mens-final-four/fan-fest" target="_blank"> <span lang="EN-US" data-contrast="none"> <em>Get tickets to the NCAA Men’s Final Four Fan Fest</em> </span> <span lang="EN-US" data-contrast="auto"> <em>®</em> </span> <span lang="EN-US" data-contrast="none"> <em> presented by Capital One.</em></span></a></p><br> </html></div>https://www.phoenix.gov/conventioncenterNewsphoenix-convention-centerPCC
Phoenix Convention Center Names New Director, Assistant Directorhttps://www.phoenix.gov/newsroom/phoenix-convention-center/3006Phoenix Convention Center2/1/2024 8:30:00 PMhttps://www.phoenix.gov/newssite/Lists/NewsArticle/Attachments/3006/PCC_11.jpgPhoenix Convention Center Names New Director, Assistant Director<div class="ExternalClassF8E3A290ADE94843942EAC35C1A735A8"><html>​The Phoenix Convention Center & Venues announced a new director and assistant director February 1. Jerry Harper will serve as Director of the Phoenix Convention Center & Venues and Bob Fingerman will serve as Assistant Director.  <br><div><br></div><div>The Director position was left vacant in 2023 when longtime Phoenix Convention Center & Venues leader John Chan was promoted to Deputy City Manager with the City of Phoenix. Since then, both Harper and Fingerman have served as Acting Director, ensuring seamless leadership within the department.  </div><div><br></div><div>Harper first joined the City in 2003 in the Community and Economic Development Department. Since then, he promoted to project and program manager positions in the Downtown Development Office working on redevelopment projects such as Cityscape and managing the development of the Sheraton Phoenix Downtown Hotel. In 2009, Harper joined the Phoenix Convention Center and in 2012 he was promoted to Deputy Director of Sales & Marketing.  </div><div><br></div><div>Harper earned his Bachelor of Arts degree in Urban Studies and Planning from the University of California at San Diego. He is a member of the International Association of Venue Managers and the Professional Convention Management Association.  </div><div><br></div><div>“I’m honored to serve as Director of the Phoenix Convention Center & Venues,” Harper said. “Our team has continued to develop strategic plans for maintaining the Phoenix Convention Center’s top-tier reputation among meeting and event planners, while locating places for growth and opportunities to set ourselves apart. I look forward to continuing to work with this exemplary team to bring these forward-thinking ideas to life.”  </div><div><br></div><div>Fingerman joined the Phoenix Convention Center in 2007 as Venue Manager after working at the Scottsdale Center for the Performing Arts. In 2011, Fingerman promoted to Deputy Director overseeing the Venue Operations division. Fingerman currently manages the Facilities and Services division, with a staff of 130 employees responsible for facility maintenance, event services, IT services and capital projects.  </div><div><br></div><div>Fingerman earned his Bachelor of Arts degree in Communications and Media Studies from Penn State University and his Master of Public Administration from Northern Arizona University. He is also a Certified Venue Executive and a member of the International Association of Venue Managers.  </div><div><br></div><div>“It’s a privilege to continue to work alongside Jerry and with all of our leadership team,” Fingerman said. “We’ve accomplished incredible triumphs in the last decade, and I know the next decade will see even more success. I’m honored to play a role in helping to shape our bright future.”  </div><div><br></div><div>Harper and Fingerman’s appointments are effective February 12. </div><br></html></div>https://www.phoenix.gov/conventioncenterNewsphoenix-convention-centerPCC
New Coffee Shop, Gift Shop Open at the Phoenix Convention Centerhttps://www.phoenix.gov/newsroom/phoenix-convention-center/2993Phoenix Convention Center1/23/2024 7:30:00 PMhttps://www.phoenix.gov/newssite/Lists/NewsArticle/Attachments/2993/PCC_10.jpgNew Coffee Shop, Gift Shop Open at the Phoenix Convention Center<div class="ExternalClassD127B389F18C42C283F4CF5446735C3A"><html>​The Phoenix Convention Center celebrated the grand opening of PRESS Coffee and Retail Therapy AZ Monday, January 22. PRESS Coffee, a locally-owned coffee shop, and Retail Therapy AZ, an artisan souvenir market showcasing 80 local makers, hosted a ribbon-cutting for their new locations highlighting the importance of bringing local amenities to the Convention Center’s hub of out-of-state visitor activity. <br><br><div>“We pride ourselves on cultivating unique experiences for our guests, and with Retail Therapy AZ and PRESS Coffee we can continue to make a lasting impact on all those who come to our facility,” said Phoenix Convention Center & Venues Acting Director Jerry Harper.  </div><div><br>Aventura Catering, a subsidiary of Aramark Sports + Entertainment and the Phoenix Convention Center’s exclusive food, beverage and retail provider, helped to bring the two businesses to the PCC along with the help of Local First Arizona. Phoenix District 7 Councilwoman Yassamin Ansari attended the grand opening celebration January 22 and offered her excitement at the Phoenix Convention Center’s collaboration with local businesses.  <br></div><div><br></div><div>“The out of towners and locals who visit our Convention Center will be able to purchase local goods to take home with them, and Downtown residents will now have more retail and coffee options right at their doorstep,” Ansari said.  </div><div><br></div><div>PRESS Coffee was founded 15 years ago in Phoenix and since then has opened several locations across the Valley, all while maintaining the specialty coffee quality PRESS became known for.  </div><div><br></div><div>“Our presence at the Convention Center marks a significant milestone, and we are deeply grateful for the opportunity to introduce our passion for specialty coffee to visitors from across the country,” said John Cantu, head of marketing for PRESS Coffee. “Opening our doors in this iconic venue represents not just an achievement for us but a commitment to contributing to the thriving local culture. We’re excited to create memorable experiences alongside other outstanding businesses and welcoming visitors at the center."  </div><div><br></div><div>Retail Therapy AZ co-owner Erica Jerido said the Phoenix Convention Center location for the artisan market was beyond her wildest dreams. The business started as a dream the two co-owners, Jerido and her business partner Jacqueline Thomas, had of creating a space to support a wide array of small businesses all inside one storefront.  </div><div><br></div><div>"As new business owners, we never imagined in a million years that we would even be considered for such a monumental and staple location to our city,” Jerido said. “We are so grateful to Aventura, Aramark, and the Phoenix Convention Center for making our small business dreams come true and supporting our local community.”  <br></div><br><br><br></html></div>https://www.phoenix.gov/conventioncenterNewsphoenix-convention-centerPCC
Orpheum Theatre Celebrates 95 Years of Entertainmenthttps://www.phoenix.gov/newsroom/phoenix-convention-center/2968Phoenix Convention Center1/5/2024 3:00:00 PMhttps://www.phoenix.gov/newssite/Lists/NewsArticle/Attachments/2968/PCC_OT_1.jpgOrpheum Theatre Celebrates 95 Years of Entertainment<div class="ExternalClassB6F9D24696CD4A81BFC9E06DEAD20D31"><html> <p>​The Orpheum Theatre Phoenix turns 95 on January 5, 2024. The historic theatre has remained a mainstay of downtown Phoenix for nearly a century, and as the decades passed Orpheum Theatre was reimagined to remain a pillar of the performing arts community.  <br></p> <p>With a new digital cinema package designed for the ultimate movie-going experience, Orpheum Theatre continues to support varied shows—from comedy to ballet performances to movie premieres to concerts.  <br></p> <p>Opened on January 5, 1929, it was the last major construction project in Phoenix before the onset of the Great Depression and was the pride of the City. With 1,800 seats and an early form of air conditioning, it was the only theatre between Los Angeles and Denver able to handle the traveling vaudeville shows that rotated weekly.   <br></p> <p>The theatre was designed by architects Lescher & Mahoney and built for $750,000 by Jo E. Rickards and Harry Nace. The Orpheum was designed in the atmospheric style, with the audience sitting in a garden surrounded by Spanish-style buildings, murals of mountains, and forests, under puffy white clouds moving across a deep blue, domed sky.  <br></p> <p>In 1984, the City of Phoenix acquired the block containing Orpheum Theatre as a site for its new 20-story city hall and that very next year, the theatre was placed on the National Register of Historic Places.  <br></p> <p>"I am proud that our team gets to play a role in the rich history of the Orpheum Theatre,” said Jerry Harper, acting director of the Phoenix Convention Center & Venues. "Maintaining the storied architectural and structural elements is as crucial to us as remembering the early days of the theatre and how it has changed over time. We are thrilled to celebrate 95 years of the Orpheum Theatre and look forward to many more."<br></p> <p>In 1988, voters approved $7 million for the restoration of the theatre. The following year, the Orpheum Theatre Foundation was established to raise the remaining funds. In 1991, the theatre’s original name, Orpheum, was restored after several name changes over the years. <br></p> <p>Today, the theatre still inspires and entertains audiences, offering a glimpse into the past while also looking to the future. Friends of the Orpheum Theatre, the nonprofit dedicated to the preservation of the theatre, is celebrating this historic milestone with "Arizona Unzipped," a production showcasing the essence of the Roaring Twenties and beyond. <br></p> </html></div>https://www.phoenix.gov/conventioncenterNewsphoenix-convention-centerPCC
Local Market Retail Therapy AZ to Open Storefront at Phoenix Convention Centerhttps://www.phoenix.gov/newsroom/phoenix-convention-center/2938Phoenix Convention Center11/17/2023 4:00:00 PMhttps://www.phoenix.gov/newssite/Lists/NewsArticle/Attachments/2938/PCC_5.pngLocal Market Retail Therapy AZ to Open Storefront at Phoenix Convention Center<div class="ExternalClassF7E0DA348EF74FC7B4A94D97EDFAD2E2"><html>​<span style="background-color:window;color:windowtext;font-size:10pt;">Visitors to the Phoenix Convention Center & Venues can now look no further than our very own West Building for handcrafted, one-of-a-kind, artisan souvenirs from local Phoenix makers. </span><br><div> </div><div>Retail Therapy AZ, a gift shop offering work exclusively from local artisans, Aventura Catering, an exclusive brand of Aramark Sports + Entertainment (Aramark; NYSE: ARMK), and the Phoenix Convention Center announced today plans to open a new Retail Therapy AZ storefront inside the Phoenix Convention Center. The shop, located at the Phoenix Convention Center’s West Building facing 2nd Street, is expected to open by January 2024.  IMG_6079.jpg</div><div> </div><div>“We are excited for Retail Therapy AZ to open at the Phoenix Convention Center,” said acting director of the Phoenix Convention Center & Venues Jerry Harper. “Retail Therapy AZ supports local makers, and we are grateful for their partnership to create a storefront for the thousands of people who come through the Phoenix Convention Center for meetings, events, and conventions each year. We are proud to partner with yet another local business and provide handmade, artisan goods to those looking to take a piece of Phoenix home with them.”  </div><div> </div><div>The one-of-a-kind shopping experience is a testament to the mission of Aramark’s Aventura Catering, the convention center’s exclusive food, beverage and retail operations provider, and the Phoenix Convention Center to support local businesses and creators. Retail Therapy AZ marks the third locally owned business to open in the Phoenix Convention Center in partnership with Aramark’s Aventura Catering, joining Huss Brewpub and PRESS Coffee.   </div><div> </div><div>“The Phoenix Convention Center is at the center of it all in downtown Phoenix, a premier destination for visitors from around the world,” said Danielle Lazor, Vice President, West Region, at Aramark Sports + Entertainment. “The opportunity to partner with Retail Therapy offers a new and unique shopping experience that reflects the city, its artisans, and the community, adding to the existing range of authentic and diverse offerings for guests.”</div><div> </div><div>Retail Therapy AZ co-owners Erica Jerido and Jacqueline Thomas are thrilled to be opening a downtown Phoenix storefront. </div><div> </div><div>“We began our business in 2021 as a mobile clothing boutique, vending at local pop-up events and we found that we weren’t passionate about the clothing, but really we were excited about all the connections we were making with other local businesses,” Jerido said. “We then started coordinating community markets throughout the Valley, but we had the dream that one day we would have a storefront where all the small businesses we loved could have a permanent space to sell their products.”  </div><div> <br></div><div>The duo’s storefront dream became a reality after 40 local businesses showed interest in partnering. The Phoenix Convention Center location marks the company’s fourth location and will offer products from 80 local businesses and feature space for classes or team building.   </div><div> </div><div>“We are so grateful to be able to have this amazing space at the Phoenix Convention Center,” Jerido said. “We’ve definitely realized throughout our journey that we attract people from out of town who want to take something truly local back from Arizona. The Phoenix Convention Center landed perfectly in that realm, we are excited to be able to reach people from all over the world and offer them unique and custom gifts.”   </div><div><br></div><div><br></div><div>​</div><div><br><br></div><br><br><br></html></div>https://www.phoenix.gov/conventioncenterNewsphoenix-convention-centerPCC
PRESS Coffee to Open Phoenix Convention Center Locationhttps://www.phoenix.gov/newsroom/phoenix-convention-center/2927Phoenix Convention Center11/1/2023 5:00:00 PMhttps://www.phoenix.gov/newssite/Lists/NewsArticle/Attachments/2927/PCC_4.jpgPRESS Coffee to Open Phoenix Convention Center Location<div class="ExternalClass0C4EA333EDA74B9B8048E7613022B46B"><html>​PRESS Coffee, the Arizona-based specialty coffee roaster, and Aventura Catering, an exclusive brand of Aramark Sports + Entertainment and the Phoenix Convention Center’s food and beverage partner, are excited to announce the opening of a brand-new PRESS Coffee location inside the Phoenix Convention Center. The new, roughly 1,200-square-foot location is slated to open by the end of the year.<br><br>On the first floor of the West building at 2nd Street and Adams, attendees, patrons, and the local community will find a new space that serves the full drink menu. This includes specialty drip and cold brew coffee, shakers, hot and iced tea, and nitro cold brew. Additionally, PRESS will offer to-go food items, including pastries, salads, wraps, small bites, protein shakes and bars, and various retail items. The PRESS team is passionate and dedicated to creating a space where the community can work, gather, and enjoy. <br><br>"PRESS is thrilled to be partnering with Phoenix Convention Center and Aramark’s Aventura Catering to bring Phoenix residents and visitors a new hangout spot to enjoy locally roasted specialty coffee,” stated Jason Kyle, co-owner of PRESS Coffee. “One of our largest goals at PRESS is to always be involved in the local community, and what better way to do that than to open a new location in one of Phoenix’s largest hubs.” <br><br>The Phoenix Convention Center is one of the top convention centers in the nation. Offering nearly one million square feet, the Phoenix Convention Center is a premier spot for meetings and events, including fan experiences for major sporting events like Super Bowl LVII and the upcoming NCAA Men’s Final Four and WNBA All-Star Game. <br><br>“The Phoenix Convention Center is delighted with our new partnership with PRESS and Aventura," said Jerry Harper, acting director of the Phoenix Convention Center & Venues. "Partnering with local businesses is important to us, and with PRESS, we are continuing our tradition of not only supporting the local community but introducing our out-of-town guests to the amazing offerings that are unique to our destination. I am excited for everything PRESS will contribute to our facility, our clients, and our attendees.”<br><br>Roasting, brewing, and serving the world’s finest Specialty Coffee is the foundation of PRESS Coffee. Rare and unique beans are sourced from the world’s best coffee farmers and then roasted at the PRESS’ roastery in Phoenix. PRESS also offers monthly coffee bean subscriptions shipping locally and throughout the U.S. Subscribers receive the option to buy the quarterly Allocation release, a high-end Limited supply Specialty Coffee, first. <br><br>For more information about PRESS Coffee visit<a href="https://presscoffee.com/" target="_blank"> www.presscoffee.com</a>.<br><br><br><br><br><br><br></html></div>https://www.phoenix.gov/conventioncenterNewsphoenix-convention-centerPCC
Public Art a Cornerstone of Phoenix Convention Center's Identityhttps://www.phoenix.gov/newsroom/phoenix-convention-center/2848Phoenix Convention Center8/29/2023 5:30:00 PMhttps://www.phoenix.gov/newssite/Lists/NewsArticle/Attachments/2848/Newsroom_ConventionCenter_002.jpgPublic Art a Cornerstone of Phoenix Convention Center's Identity<div class="ExternalClassCA4155F1B8354B6BB444EB8DEA785F85"><html> Since the opening of Phoenix Civic Plaza in 1972, art has been a crucial component of the facility. The Phoenix Convention Center’s robust public art display is composed of local, regional and national artists and a variety of mediums that can be seen throughout the facility.<br><br>This commitment to the arts is made possible through the Phoenix Office of Arts and Culture Public Art Program. Carrie Brown, deputy arts and culture director with the City of Phoenix, said she and her team work to bring artists on board for the various capital improvement projects across the city. <br><br>“Bringing artists to the table, allowing them to have a voice, is so important,” Brown said. “It’s more than building a public facility or a utility. Bringing in artwork makes us uniquely Phoenix and speaks to who we are. And it shows that we value the arts.” <br><br>The Phoenix Convention Center & Venues has been steadfast in its commitment to public art. When the facility expanded in 2008, 10 new artworks were added to the existing collection​. Some of those pieces of art were integral to the design of the facility, like “Art is a Guaranty of Sanity” by Louise Bourgeois, that the West Building was constructed around it due to its size.  <br><br>​​“These pieces o​​​f art can make you pause for a second and take a break from the hustle and bustle when you are going from meeting to meeting at a convention,” Brown said. <br>​​“There’s an experience built in there. Having these works of art give people something to connect with when they are here. That’s what is memorable to people when they are visiting a new place.”<br><br><strong>​Phoenix​​’s commitment to public art</strong><br><br>The City’s Public Art Program goes beyond the Convention Center walls. The Public Art Program was established by the Phoenix City Council in 1986 through an ordinance that allocates one percent of the city’s annual Capita​​l Improvement Program to public art projects, Brown said. This means that o​ne penny from every Capital Improvement Program dollar used to build or improve City infrastructure like streets, parks, the airport, libraries, community centers, the Phoenix Convention Center & Venues and more, goes toward public art.​<br><br>The program is intended to foster collaboration between local government, artists, and other design professionals to create a ​​more beautiful and vibrant city, Brown said.  <br><br>“When we are looking at a n​ew piece of art for anywhere in the City, we are looking at the best way to affect the space,” Brown said. “We want a variety of projects and experiences for our visitors and residents.”  <br><br>The artists are selected vi​​a a panel that begins with an open call, known as a request for qualifications or RFQ, Brown said.  <br><br>“Our process allows us to get artists on board early so that all stakeholders can plan accordingly,” Brown said. “The understanding of​ the design and the facility is crucial.”  <br>​<br><strong>Phoenix Convention Center & Venue’s public art  </strong><br><br>When the facility expanded in 2008, the Phoenix Conventio​​​n Center had a $3.2 million public art budget stemming from three capital improvement program bonds. These works offer a variety of perspectives on life in Phoenix, the United States, and the world in the 21st century.<br><br>Brown said the importance of public ar​​t cannot be overstated, especially in spaces like the Convention Center. ​<br><br>“The things that are memorable for people are the ​​cultural things,” Brown said. “The art at the Convention Center is free to see and open to the public. Each one has its own unique perspective and makes the experience of visiting the Convention Center more memorable.”  <br><br>Brown said that every piece might not speak to everyone, and that’s​​ true of any work of art. But, she says, that’s not what matters.  <br><br>“What matters is that it connects with at least one person,” Brown said. “And these works of art, they do. It’s about the one person who walks by, pauses, and feels something.”<br><br><em>See more Phoenix Convention Center News on our </em><a href="https://www.phoenixconventioncenter.com/news" target="_blank"><em>website</em></a><em>​. </em> <br> </html></div>https://www.phoenix.gov/conventioncenterNewsphoenix-convention-centerPCC
Convention Center Food Waste Gets New Life in Composthttps://www.phoenix.gov/newsroom/phoenix-convention-center/2835Phoenix Convention Center8/16/2023 4:00:00 PMhttps://www.phoenix.gov/newssite/Lists/NewsArticle/Attachments/2835/Newsroom_ConventionCenter_001.jpgConvention Center Food Waste Gets New Life in Compost<div class="ExternalClassC5E7A19C3114477A89F95591D81D92AB"><html> <br>​​​​​Between catering services, grab-and-go menu items, and the food-court style PHX Kitc​hens Downtown Food Hall, the <a target="_blank" href="https://www.phoenixconventioncenter.com/news">Phoenix Convention Center​</a> creates literal tons of food waste.<br> <br>Aventura, a subsidiary of Aramark, and the Convention Center are dedicated to being as sustainable and eco-friendly as possible. Leadership in both entities engaged with the City of Phoenix Public Works department back in 2017 to find solutions to diverting​ food waste. Since then, the Convention Center has turned tons of food waste into compost material. <br> <br>“We’ve developed a really great partnership,” said Lorizelda Stoeller, deputy public works director. “It’s awesome the Convention Center and Aventura are willing to try new things.”  <br><br>Through June 2023, the PCC has diverted 58.67 tons of food waste, according to Stoeller. <br> <br>Waste is collected three times a week at the kitchen dock and then the waste is put into a de-packager machine that separates non-organic material. From there, the waste is taken to the City of Phoenix-​owned facility at 27th Avenue and Lower Buckeye Road for composting. There, all the food waste generated by the City of Phoenix is processed.  <br><br>Denali, a national company, is contracted to run the facility, Stoeller said. They take the compost, bag it up and sell it at big box stores and to local farms. The City of Phoenix parks have also found, and continue to find, use for the compost.  ​<br><br>“It all goes back into the community somehow,” Stoeller said.  <br><br>The Convention Center’s composting program was put on pause during the pandemic in 2020 an​d 2021, Stoeller said, but as the PCC geared up to host fan activities for Super Bowl LVII in February 2023 leadership reignited the program.  <br><br>The goal of Super Bowl LVII was to be a zero-waste event, Stoeller said. The Phoenix Convention Center during two weeks of fan activity in the building diverted 11 tons of food waste from City landfills to the composting center.  <br><br>“Now we are getting ready for the NCAA Men’s Final Four next year and there’s a big emphasis on making that a zero-waste event like we did for Super Bowl LVII,” Stoeller said.<br><br></html></div>https://www.phoenix.gov/conventioncenterNewsphoenix-convention-centerPCC



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