Compliance Assistance Program (CAP)

What is CAP – Compliance Assistance Program?

The Compliance Assistance Program (CAP) is a program offered by the Phoenix Municipal Court. CAP is designed to help you resolve past due traffic fines owed to the Court. CAP allows you to enter into a payment plan for all your civil traffic, civil and parking charges without having to see a judge. You will be required to make a down-payment and agree to affordable monthly payments. 

How does CAP work?

When you contact the Court, a staff member will ask for your name and date of birth to identify all unpaid fines and fees you owe. Upon review of your case(s), staff will inform you of the down-payment required to qualify for CAP. Once you make your down-payment and agree to your payment plan, collection costs will be waived.

What do I need to enroll in the CAP program?

You must contact the Court and be prepared to make the down-payment.

What if I do not have the money to pay the down-payment amount immediately?

We encourage you to contact the Court and discuss the amount you may need to pay to participate in CAP. You may begin CAP as soon as you make the down-payment.


My CAP down-payment amount is different from the amount quoted in the letter I received from the Court. Why?

The CAP down-payment will change if additional fines and fees are located or have been ordered since the letter was mailed to you.


How long will it take to sign-up for CAP and complete the process?

It takes an average of 30 minutes to complete the process. Additional time may be required depending on the number and complexity of the charges.


Do I have to appear in-person at the Phoenix Municipal Court to participate in the program?
No, you may call (602) 256-3281 to learn how to participate in the program.

What if I have difficulty making my scheduled payment?

If you are unable to make your payment, contact Court staff at (602) 256-3281 to discuss your options.  


What happens if I do not make the payments on the payment plan?

If you fail to make your payments, one or more of the following may occur:

  • ​​Prevention of renewal of any Arizona vehicle registration where you are the registered owner

  • Notification to the Arizona Department of Revenue to intercept your Arizona State tax refund or lottery winnings to pay your outstanding balance

  • Notification to a Collection Agency and collection fees added to your outstanding balance

  • Addition of a $49 Delinquency Fee to your outstanding balance

  • Addition of a $40 default fee per eligible Civil Traffic charge to your outstanding balance

If my charges go noncompliant, may I re-apply for CAP?

Yes. You may qualify for CAP by paying a new down-payment and beginning a new payment plan. However, it is important to understand that the Court has the discretion to deny additional requests.

What if I have a Phoenix Municipal Court warrant?

If you have a warrant, and wish to resolve it, you will need to submit (file) a motion for judicial review of your case to court@phoenix.gov. Your motion should request that your warrant be quashed (cancelled) and provide the reasons why. Upon judicial review, a Judge may (or may not) quash your warrant(s).  The purpose of CAP is to assist you in becoming compliant with all charges that you have with the Court. Resolving a warrant will help you achieve that goal. Even with a warrant, you may still qualify for CAP to resolve your eligible charges.


How do I get to the Court?

A map and directions can be found here: http://phoenix.gov/courtsite/Documents/faq_parkmap.pdf.

A Valley Metro Light Rail station is located at Central/Van Buren and bus stops are also located nearby.


Where do I park?

A large parking garage is conveniently located directly across the street from the Phoenix Municipal Court and hourly parking is available for a fee. Metered parking is also available on surface streets near the courthouse with limited availability.


What should I bring?

You should be prepared to pay the “Pay Today" amount with cash, check, or credit card. The Municipal Court may require identification for check and credit card payments. This can be any lawful photo identification such as a driver license or government issued identification card. Information on security screening and what is allowed in the Court facility, can be found here: http://phoenix.gov/court/about.


Requests for Reasonable Accommodations

Requests for reasonable accommodation for persons with disabilities must be made to the Court by parties at least three working days in advance of the scheduled court proceeding or any other court business by calling (602) 262-6421 or for TTY use 7-1-1, between the hours of 8:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. Monday through Friday, excluding City observed holidays.​

 Court Contact Information


​Phoenix Municipal Court
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Phoenix, Arizona 85003

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