​​Protecting Your Home

Steps You Can Take to Prevent Damage to Your Home or Landscape Before Disaster Strikes

​Whether you own your own home or rent, best practices are to plan for your specific needs before disaster strikes.  

Not sure where to start?  We have identified some common issues and best practices for your home!

​Financial Preparedness

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Flood Prevention

Homeowners, without intentionally doing so, can sometimes create situations outside their home that can cause water to back up into the house during heavy rains. A lot of times this is due to work done to landscaping in the yard that doesn't allow water to drain off towards the street. You should always be aware of how water drains on your property. It should always drain away, and not towards the home. 

Do you live in a Flood Plain? 

Homeowners are sometimes unawa​re that they live in a flood plain. This is especially true for renters, who sometimes do not know the details of the property and its location in regards to water runoff from storms. You can learn if you live in a floodplain by contacting the Maricopa County Flood Cont​rol District.

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​Sand Bags

Using sandbags to keep water out of your home is sometimes necessary, depending upon the situation. During potential flooding events, the city will sometimes provide sand at predetermined locations, such as fire stations,near where it is most needed. In the event of a potential flood event, the city will post the locations of where sand can be obtained. Residents should also do their part an have sandbags ready for this potential situation.

​​Additional Resources

​Additional flood safety information is available at FloodSmart.gov, and at Ready.gov.​​​

​Keep Your Trees Safe From Heavy Winds          

Trees that are not properly maintained before hazardous winds strike can become hazards to people,to homes and to vehicles. The University of Arizona provides an information guide​ about how to prune and trim trees to prevent numerous issues, including hazards. The Pruning Deciduous Shade Trees is available online.

Wind Damage.jpgOver Watering Trees ​​

Over watering trees can cause the soil to become unstable, allowing them to easily topple under heavy winds. Learn about how much water your tree needs so they do not become susceptible to falling over. The city of Phoenix has literature to help concerned citizens use the appropriate amount of water. Visit the Water Resources and Conservation Office's literature order page to get more information.

​Mosquito Control

You can do a lot to keep mosquitoes off your property both before and after a severe weather event. Maricopa County Environmental Services Division maintains a website dedicated to controlling mosquito issues.​ 

Be Aware of Unlicensed Contractors

Emergencies may sometimes bring out those who prey upon the survivors of a disaster. The best way to deal with contractors who may be out to scam residents, is to check their contractor license with Arizona Registrar of Contractors. They can be contacted at  (877)692-9762 (1-877-MY-AZROC).

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