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Top_Right_Monsoon.jpg​For the most accurate and up-to-date forecast, please visit the National Weather Service page and visit the city's Monsoon Page.

Prepare for the monsoon by printing and filling out an Emergency Reference Card! This card will help you and your family prepare for any emergency, including a house fire, power outage, or flood. ​ 

Life-threatening emergencies: 911​​ 
Non-emergency police assistance602-262-6151 
Report street issues602-262-6441 
Report traffic signal outages602-262-6021 
Storm debris clean-up inquiries602-262-7251 
Report power outage, APS855-688-2437 
or SRP602-236-8811 
American Red Cross800-842-7349



Office of Homeland Security and Emergency Management

The Office of Homeland Security and Emergency Management (OHS&EM) prepares for threatened and actual natural disasters, acts of terrorism, and other human-caused disasters.  OHS&EM's goal is three-fold: 
1) reduce community vulnerability to hazards and promote safer, less vulnerable communities with the capacity to cope with hazards and disasters;  
2) promote resiliency within the community, including neighborhoods and businesses; 
3) coordinate the City of Phoenix's Homeland Security strategy. 
Emergency Management Director: Lisa Jones 
PHONE:  (602) 534-0642 
FAX:         (602) 534-9202​ 

 Things to Know

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