Business Liaisons

​​Dept. Name

​Business Liaison



​Valerie Churchwell

Project Manager

602-273-2024 (O)

​Budget & Research

​Genevieve Siri

Management Assist. II

602-495-7320 (O)

​City Auditor

​Diana Storino

Internal Auditor IV

602-534-0971 (O)

​City Clerk

​Elizabeth Martin Parker

Deputy City Clerk

602-261-8749 (O)

​City Council

​Debbie Grant

Secretary III

602-262-7593 (O)

​Penny Parrella

Deputy Chief of Staff

602-262-4687 (O)

​City Manager

​Corey Williams

Management Assist. II

602-261-8875 (O)

​Community & Economic Development

​Margo Dorrough

Admin. Assistant II

602-261-8059 (O)

​Equal Opportunity

​Ruby Dirks

Equal Oppty. Prog. Assist.

602-256-4137 (O)


​Rose Camacho

Contract Specialist II - Lead

602-262-7794 (O)


​Andrea Rendon

Account Clerk III

602-262-7827 (O)

​Bob Michie

Supplies Clerk III

602-261-8942 (O)



Nichole V. Ayoola

Management Asst.

602-534-1065 (O)

​Eric Keel

Admin Asst. II

602-262-7948 (O)


​Human Resources (Personnel)

​Gigi McCurdy

Admin Asst. II

602-261-8835 (O)

​Kathy Haggerty

Deputy Personnel Director

602-262-4657 (O)

​Human Services

​Sharyn Runyen

Admin Asst. II

602-262-7836 (O)

​Gloria Encinas

Secretary III

602-262-6264 (O)


​Information Technology Services

​Gloria Elliot

Contracts Specialist II

602-261-8481 (O)

​Michele Kern

Budget Supervisor

602-495-5450 (O)



​Erin Bobo

Budget Analyst II

602-262-7720 (O)


​Tammy Ryan

Mgmt Svcs Administrator

602-534-6271 (O)

​Mayor's Office

​Adora Lewis

Sr. Policy Advisor

602-534-1275 (O)

​Municipal Court

​Daniel Siordia

Secretary II

602-534-0266 (O)

​Bruce Temple

Budget Analyst II

602-262-6903 (O)


​Neighborhood Services



Sandy Estrella

Secretarial Supervisor

(602) 534-3607

Parks & Recreation

​Sandy Erives

Dept. Budget Supervisor

602-261-8796 (O)

​Phoenix Convention Center

​Rosemarie Tirelli

Contracts Specialist II

602-262-6990 (O)


​Planning and Development

​April Truncellito

Budget Supervisor

602-495-0166 (O)

​Jane Kennedy

Budget Analyst II

602-262-6889 (O)


​Debra Stanton

Admin. Asst. I

602-262-1665 (O)

​Rosemary Volk

Budget Analyst IV

602-256-3485 (O)

​Public Defender

​Angela Atkins

Admin. Assist. I

602-495-2414 (O)

​Public Transit

​Susan Sweeden

Management Asst. I

602-534-2667 (O)

​Public Works

​Randy Boyle

Contract Specialist I

602-534-9614 (O)

​Christina Hernandez

Contracts Specialist I

602-256-4292 (O)


Monica Zavalza

Management Asst. I

602-534-4421 (O)

​Anna Martinez

Management Asst. II

602-256-4323 (O)

​Street Transportation

​Mark Escobedo

Management Asst. II

602-534-2917 (O)

​Joyce Dreyer

Accountant III

602-262-6682 (O)

​Water Services

Gina Lopker

Management Services Administrator

602-256-4397 (O)

Revised Dec. 10, 2014
NOTE: If your assigned liaison changes, please contact Maria Fruciano in the Equal Opportunity Department​