Business Liaisons

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​​Dept. Name

​Business Liaison



Ivy Silva

Procurement Manager

602-228-2351 (C)


​Cadle Collins

​Procurement Manager

602-273-2054 (O)


​Budget & Research

​Genevieve Siri

Management Assist. II

602-495-7320 (O)

​City Auditor

​Martha Espindola

Administrative Secretary

602-534-0499 (O)

​City Clerk

​Jennifer Wingenroth​

Deputy City Clerk

602-262-7665 (O)


​City Council

​Debbie Grant

Administrative Secretary

602-262-7593 (O)

​Penny Parrella

Executive Asst to City Council

602-262-4687 (O)

​City Manager

​Corey Williams

Management Assist. II

602-261-8875 (O)

​Communications Office

​Matthew Heil

Management Assist. II

602-534-0108 (O)


​Community & Economic Development

Jennifer Holland

Procurement Manager


Tamara John

Contract Specialist II

602-495-0374 (O)


​Equal Opportunity

​Anissa Blair

Admin. Services Manager

602-495-5279 (O)


​Michelle Honea
Special Projects Administrator
602-262-6189 (O)​ 


Sherylynne Stucki

Accountant I

602-262-7287 (O)



David Wisniewski

Contracts Specialist II

602-261-8619 (O)


​Human Resources (Personnel)

Quentin Colter, Sr.

Admin. Assistant II

602-261-8835 (O)

​Human Services

Gloria Encinas

Secretary III

602-256-4380 (O)


​Information Technology Services

​Reyna Xochicale

Contracts Specialist II* Lead

602-261-8481 (O)

Mihaela Grigore

Procurement Specialist

602-261-8179 (O)



Angela Munoz

Accountant II

602-262-7720 (O)

Erin Bobo

Budget Analyst II

602-495-0919 (O)


Luis Aguilera

Management Assistant II

602-262-1802 (O)


​Mayor's Office

Diane Brisco

Office Manager

602-495-3630 (O)

Valerie Churchwell

Senior Policy Advisor

602-534-6051 (O)


​Municipal Court

Susan Lang

Admin Support Supervisor

602-534-0266 (O)

Monica Zavalza

Management Assist. II

602-495-2435 (O) 

​Neighborhood Services


Sandy Estrella

Customer Service Supervisor

(602) 262-4775 (O)

Parks & Recreation

Guadalupe (Lupita) Gomez

Contracts Specialist Lead

602-262-4989 (O)

​Phoenix Convention Center

Laura Harwood

Fiscal Manager

602-495-5094 (O)


​Planning and Development

Michelle Price

Accountant III

602-495-0243 (O)


Christine Cano

Budget Analyst

602-534-3023 (O)

Rita Dean

Budget Analyst II

602-256-3485 (O)

​Public Defender

Salvador Obregon, Jr.

Victim Advocate Supervisor

602-534-1956 (O)

​Public Transit

Renee Standing Tree

Equal Opportunity Specialists

602-534-2667 (O)

Elizabeth Boynton

Contracts Specialist Lead

602-534-8289 (O)

​Public Works

Crystal Ramirez

Contract Specialist II Lead

602-495-3606 (O)



Trista Eaden

Management Assist. I

602-256-4323 (O)

​Street Transportation

​Kandi Kawolsky

Procurement Manager

Title 34 Construction

602-256-4108 (O)​

​Debra Russell

Contract Specialist II Lead

602-256-3444 (O)​

​Dana Garr​​

Procurement Manager

Goods and Services

602-495-7945 (O)

Yolanda DeAnda​

Accountant III

602-256-4269 (O)​

​Water Services

Kimberly Grantham

Procurement Manager

602-534-6359 (O)

Revised February 9, 2023
NOTE: If your assigned liaison changes, please email procurement​