Finance Internships

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​Internship Opportunities

Business Analyst
Financial Accountant
Financial Accountant - Financial Analyst 

Internships are available to students entering their junior or senior year in college and attending an accredited college or university.

Targeted Majors
Supply Chain Management
Public Service and Public Policy
Business Administration
Computer Information Systems
Business Management

**Other majors may apply based on internship requirements

Internships are available during the summer and fall and range from 8 to 12 weeks, depending on the internship and your school schedule.  Summer internships generally run from the beginning of June until the end of July or mid-August.  Fall interns are generally employed from September through November.

Orientation and Training

Ensuring you have a successful internship experience is very important to us.  Since government finance will present a new challenge for interning students, equipping you with foundational knowledge about the public sector is a critical component of our training program.  

The first week of the internship will be spent in "Finance 101" where interns will be immersed in the organizational culture.  Training will be provided on the SAP Financial System, city policy making, the budget process and a general overview of Finance Department business operations. Functional and technical instruction specifically related to your core business sector will also be provided.

Practical Work
In addition to your formal training, you'll be learning important things like effective writing, presentation and teaming skills right on the job.

Our intern assignments are as varied as our eight lines of business. You'll gain exposure to a variety of divisions and projects. This will give you insight into the world of government finance.  Your work may include multi-million dollar procurements tax audits, acquisition of real estate, working on a bond/investment deal, helping to implement technology to improve operations or conducting internal control reviews on an audit.  No matter which opportunity you chose, you will definitely contribute to the success of Finance's core business strategies.

Rotational Assignments
Interns will learn various aspects of public sector (government) financial practices by rotating through various divisions within the Finance Department.  Interns will have the opportunity to select which business sectors they'd like to learn about. A rotational assignment can include between two to four areas, depending on the length of the internship.

Collaboration is very important to the City of Phoenix.  Our interns will benefit from the knowledge, and experience of our managers, industry experts and executives.  Teamwork opportunities allow interns to showcase their communication, presentation, and leadership skills, while receiving guidance and support from their workgroup.  Diverse ideas and different perspectives are important to the success of any organization; as the sixth largest city in the country, Phoenix is looking to recruit future leaders through our internships.  Here's your opportunity to shine!  

Interns will have an opportunity to improve current business processes with the use of technology.  Help us use social media, update our website and become more efficient in our daily operations by implementing cutting edge technology in our business. We want to be transparent to our customers; you can help us accomplish this feat.

Mentoring, Coaching and Development (MCD)
A three-pronged approach, the MCD aspect of the internship pairs you with mentors and a team of professionals to provide coaching and development.

Each intern is paired up with a mentor at the start of their internship experience to offer guidance and help answer day-to-day questions about the culture and environment of the Finance Department.  Your mentor will be an experienced leader who knows the organization and is committed to helping you excel in your career.

You will also receive coaching and career development throughout your assignment to enhance your skills and to help you reach a higher level of performance on your projects.  The MCD component of the internship is valuable in assisting you to identify future career opportunities.

Shadowing Experience
A very important component of the Finance Department's internship experience is providing a realistic job preview of both the profession and the city of Phoenix. During the internship, you will have the opportunity to work on critical projects with department leaders, as well as to shadow other Finance Department professionals, including the Chief Financial Officer. The shadowing experience allows you to understand the roles and vision of executive leadership in the department while learning how the work of Finance Department supports the overall success of the city of Phoenix.  

A rewarding and challenging internship experience means there's a successful partnership between the Finance Department and you.  An Intern Liaison will be available to help structure the internship, identify areas of opportunity and coordinate internship activities. He or she will be your main point of contact during your time with us and will be responsible, along with your mentor, for helping you develop professionally and personally.

Community Service
Giving back to the community is an important tenet of the city of Phoenix.  With over 60 boards and commissions and numerous volunteer opportunities citywide, you will have an opportunity to demonstrate support for the Phoenix community by participating in community service projects.

Group projects such as Community Service Fund Drive, neighborhood revitalization, work with seniors, literacy initiatives, working in after school programs and so much more are available.  You will experience activities that provide you with a means to network and socialize citywide and outside of your day-to-day responsibilities.  Building successful relationships while supporting community initiatives are a winning combination that will be instrumental to your overall professional development.​​

Along with the more than 200 employees in the Finance Department, the city of Phoenix has over 14,000 employees and numerous interns and volunteers working in a variety of departments throughout the organization.  As an intern, you will have the opportunity to make contacts and form relationships you can use throughout your career.

Your network can range from senior level executives to other interns. To help strengthen these relationships, we recommend you get involved in the many opportunities and events available to you.