Change for Phoenix

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Change for Phoenix was created as a result of input from residents during the 2009 community budget hearings. The fund allows residents to donate money to the city’s general fund or other city programs to provide financial assistance during the downturn of the economy. The general fund pays for numerous city services including police, fire, parks, libraries, senior citizen and youth programs. 

There are many city programs that provide educational opportunities, offer activities to various age groups, give support and safety to Phoenix residents and protect the city’s historic and natural beauty.  Donations will increase city revenues to support these and other important city programs. Residents may contribute any amount they wish and may donate to more than one area or department of the city.

For more information, see our frequently asked questions. View a list of city departments and programs to select where you would like to direct your donation.

If you wish to volunteer with any city department or specific program or activity, your services are welcome.