Fire FitKids

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What is Fire FitKids?

Fire Fitkids is designed to expose teenagers to the benefits of regular exercise and the practice of healthy habits. Fire FitKids uses knowledge, enthusiasm and experience to improve the motivation, knowledge andFireFit Kids Picture fitness of the community's youth. Fire FitKids provides the community with a wellness message to help prevent the numerous illnesses associated with an unhealthy lifestyle and a lack of fitness. Fire FitKids provides kids with an exposure to the job of a firefighter, their need for high levels of fitness, and the rewards of being fit. Fire FitKids is the family of the Phoenix Fire Department helping your family.

Why Should the Phoenix Fire Department Want Fire Fit Kids?

For the past several decades the Phoenix Fire Department has saved many lives by teaching the youth of our city Urban Survival. Through this program we have taught children fire prevention, survival behaviors, pool safety, and numerous other lessons that will make our lives better forever. Still, society is changing and the ways that we can improve the lives of our customers are still evolving. Fire FitKids is a new way, it is another opportunity for Phoenix Fire to share our passion, our experience, our knowledge and our reputation to make a difference in our community.

Principles of Success

Wellness is more than just physical fitness. Learning how to manage anger, how to have a positive attitude, how to develop compassion, and how to increase motivation are critical components of achieving wellness. These Fire FitFacts address these issues.

Fire Fit Facts

The Importance of Exercise

The benefits of properly performed exercise are well documented. No other single thing can improve self-esteem, reduce health risk factors, improve appearance, and improve a person's ability to perform the functions of work, life and sport like regular exercise. These Fire FitFacts cover the basics of strength training, cardiovascular training, and general exercise.

Cardio Fire FitFacts

Training Fire FitFacts

General Exercise Fire FitFacts


The health of our youth is declining and obesity is on the rise. Learning the basics of proper nutrition is critical to developing a healthy and practical eating plan. These Fire FitFacts cover the basics of nutrition and hydration.

Nutritious Fire FitFacts

The Holidays

Many times we enjoy the day off when a holiday arrives, but we forget the underlying meaning of the holiday. Learning to appreciate each holiday for its purpose and meaning is important to making the world a better place to live. These Fire FitFacts take advantage of the holidays as an opportunity to teach our youth how to find the true meaning.

Holiday Fire FitFacts

Striving for Success

It is never too early to identify and understand the qualities that make someone successful in the workplace. These Fire FitFacts cover some basic qualities and concepts that create success.

Success Fire FitFacts