Community Outreach

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Events -- Requests to have fire department at my event

Did you ever wonder how you might be able to get a fire truck at your event?  Not all events can be attended, fire trucks attend on-duty and may have to leave suddenly. Please allow 4 weeks in advance for scheduling.

Submit an event request here.

Fire Station Tours or Ride-Alongs How do I schedule a tour?

​​All requests for Fire Station Tours or Ride-Alongs must utilize this process. 

1.  Print the Application and Waiver forms (link below).

2.  Fill out and sign both forms.

3.  Mail or drop off original signed copies to Phoenix Fire Investigations for approval.

4.  Be cleared to enter the station with approval from the Phoenix Fire Department.​

Printable Application and Waiver here.

Schedule a Fire Station Community Room

Did you know you can reserve a picnic area or ball field with City Of Phoenix Parks for your personal use?  To request the use of a fire station community room for a community related event contact Debbie Keating via email:​​

Senior Citizens

The city has a number of services available for our Senior Citizens, How do I find programs for Seniors? Download a Medical Information Form.

Fire Inspections

The city of Phoenix Fire Prevention Fire Inspectors conduct safety inspections for businesses, special events, tent events and more.  The also conduct research when complaints are filed and they complete plans review and conduct inspections on some new construction, find out how to schedule a Fire Inspection.​ 

Caring for Kids

Child Safety Seats

The Phoenix Fire Department holds car seat installation safety checks on a scheduled basis. To schedule an appointment call 602-495-KIDS (5437) More info

Youth Firesetter Intervention Program

A youth fire setter is a child under the age of 18, who accidentally or purposely starts a fire.  Each year youth set fires cause hundreds of injuries and deaths and destroy millions of dollars worth of property.  Since 1979, the Phoenix Fire Department's Youth Firesetter Intervention Program has been dedicated to assisting youth and their families with the issues related to fire curiosity, fire experimentation, and fire setting.

Child Immunizations / Vaccinations  

Fire Engine red promo for baby shots - Don't Compromise, Immunize 

The Phoenix Fire Department members discovered that the percentage of children appropriately immunized in Arizona was extremely low. Having always been proactive in meeting the needs of the community, a free childhood immunization program was developed and implemented. Vaccines are provided through "Vaccine for Children" which is a federally funded program for the uninsured.

Fire FitPhx Logo  

Mayor Greg Stanton, Councilman Daniel Valenzuela and Olympic Gold Medalist Misty Hyman kicked off FitPHX, a new city health initiative to get Phoenix in shape.

FitPHX will better connect Phoenix communities to existing city health-related programs and services by encouraging participation in physical-fitness events and other activities that promote wellness.

"FitPHX is an opportunity to get out, get fit and be healthy," said Stanton, who through exercise and better nutrition lost 50 pounds in 2009. “It doesn’t have to be difficult to get in shape and we’re here to make it easy so Phoenix can be one of the healthiest cities in the nation.”