Fireworks Safety

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​​​​​​Safety Tips

  • Keep spectators at a safe distance- ​Data shows fireworks related injuries where Phoenix Fire responded to treat a patient were a result of someone standing too close or being hit with a firework as it went off. ​​​
  • Choose a safe location- Data shows that fire calls where it was noted fireworks were a potential ingition source also noted the area was dry or sparks traveled away from the original area and ignited grass, brush, debris, buildings, etc. Additionaly illegal aerial fireworks are typically associated to tree fires, which can spread to other trees, properties, and structures.
  • Dispose of fireworks properly- ​Fire investigations and other calls for service during times when fireworks sales are permitted are most likely the result of careless discarding of fireworks in dumpsters, especially those city dumpsters that are kept near the house or in the garage. When the fireworks re-ignite and the dumpster is on fire, it could extend to the garage and residential structure. It is important to soak them for at least 24-hours prior to putting them in the trash can. Even then it is important to not have the trash can against the house, in the garage, or near dry brush that would allow a fire to extend. 
  • Secure your pets-​ Not only do they get spooked by fireworks and run away from your property, but there have been several instances where dogs have bitten people while the fireworks were going off.