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Arizona Capitol
Arizona Capitol
Government Relations represents the city in contacts with the federal government, the state of Arizona, other cities, tribal communities, Maricopa County and regional agencies, while building partnerships between the city and the community at large. Additionally, Government Relations provides citywide grant coordination.

For information about the Government Relations budget, lobbying disclosure and grant coordination information, please visit our Taxpayer-Funded Lobbying Information webpage​.

On September 7, 2016, the City Council voted to extend the city's federal lobbyist contracts for one additional year. As part of the contract renewal process, Government Relations develops performance measures, which are specific measures and goals that the lobbyists have to report back on at the end of the contract term. For the proposed FY 2016-17 federal lobbyist performance measures, please click here​.

For more information about Government Relations, call us at 602-256-4257.

Thomas Remes, Government Relations Director
​200 W. Washington St., 12th floor
Phoenix, AZ 85003-2295
FAX: 602-534-3644
EMAIL: thomas.remes@phoenix.gov​​

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