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Each year, the Arizona Legislature considers thousands of bills and amendments, many of which impact city operations. Government Relations coordinates city department review of each of these bills and amendments and works both before and during session to inform legislators, legislative staff, the governor’s office and interested stakeholders regarding those impacts.

The Mayor and City Council approve a state agenda on an annual basis, which defines the city’s legislative priorities and guides the city’s lobbying activities at the state level. The city's highest priorities are typically maintaining and protecting shared revenues, opposing unfunded mandates and preserving local authority.

Protect Shared Revenues
The city’s budget includes revenues from a number of state sources, most importantly “shared revenues” from state income, sales and vehicle license taxes. Shared revenues makes up close to 26 percent of the city’s general fund, helping to pay for police, fire, streets, parks and other critical city services. The city oppose reductions of shared revenues.

Oppose Unfunded Mandates
The city opposes state legislative efforts to shift new responsibilities to the city without accompanying funds.

Preserve Local Authority
The city charter empowers Phoenix residents to determine the structure and authority of city government in our unique community. Government Relations works to protect the ability of the mayor and city council to set policy at the local level and opposes legislation that preempts local authority.

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