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State of the City 2017: 'We are writing the greatest chapter in Phoenix history'

During his 2017 address, Mayor Greg Stanton said Phoenix is "writing the greatest chapter" in the city's history through its pivot toward an innovation economy, turnaround on sustainability, improved trade relations with Mexico and transformative investments in transit. 

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Mayor Greg Stanton: State of the City 2016

At his fifth annual State of the City address, the second-term mayor reported that Phoenix’s innovation-and-export-focused economy has created 8,000 quality jobs (excluding construction, retail and restaurant) just since January. He added that the city’s unemployment rate has dropped to 4.6 percent – nearly a full point lower than the rest of the state and its lowest point in eight years.​

“Not even a decade after the Great Recession shook us to our knees, Phoenix has emerged stronger and more resilient than ever before with an economy that is breaking free from the chains of the boom-then-bust cycle,” Stanton said. “Today, our city is stronger than ever before. Through wise investments and by working together, not only have we made our city strong, but we are making our state stronger: Phoenix is leading the way on Arizona’s economic recovery.” ​

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Mayor Greg Stanton: State of the City 2015

​In is fourth Address, Stanton highlights recent progress to show that once again, Phoenix is on the rise.  Building on a theme from his 2014 speech, he offers real results to demonstrate our efforts to achieve an innovation-based, export-focused economy that works for every Phoenix family​.  

"As long as I’m your mayor: We will stop at nothing to transform our economy into one rooted in innovation and poised to compete in today’s global marketplace; we will grow our region’s exports faster than ever before; we will demand a quality education for every Phoenix child; and we will plan for our future population growth and spur even more economic activity with the most ambitious and comprehensive transportation plan in our city’s history," Stanton said.​

Lastly, Stanton makes the case for the city's transportation plan. He calls for support for an all-of-the-above transportation strategy that builds more streets, improves the ones we have, as well as expands the light rail and bus systems.

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