City Council Subcommittees

Transportation, Infrastructure and Planning (TIP)

​The focus on this subcommittee is aviation, complete streets, water, finance, IT, and citizen petitions.

Debra Stark, Chair

Ann O’Brien

Laura Pastor

Betty Guardado​

​ ​

Economic Development and Equity (EDE)​

​The focus on this subcommittee is downtown, historic preservation, affordable housing, and digital divide.

Laura Pastor, Chair

Ann O’Brien

Debra Stark

Yassamin Ansari​


Community and Cultural Investment (CCI)​

​The focus on this subcommittee is sustainability/recycling, neighborhoods, parks, arts, libraries, education/head start, and homelessness.

Betty Guardado, Chair

Debra Stark

Yassamin Ansari

Carlos Garcia​

Public Safety and Justice (PSJ)

​The focus on this subcommittee is police, fire, emergency management, domestic violence, human trafficking, and courts.

Ann O’Brien, Chair

Jim Waring

Yassamin Ansari

Carlos Garcia​

​ ​​