Adaptive Reuse - Office of Customer Advocacy Reuse - Office of Customer Advocacy<div class="ExternalClass8734DF50E2C54EA1B0BF521FF614B021">The Adaptive Reuse Program aims to revitalize existing buildings to preserve our history, contribute to economic vitality by promoting small business, and create more vibrant neighborhoods.<br></div>_self



Commercial and Multi-Family Developments and Multi-Family Developments<div class="ExternalClass5366C3C8260144758B95B3B57567EA25"><html> <div class="ExternalClassE13F88B362DD467E852A028D78711695"> <p>A commercial building permit is required for residential construction involving multi-family projects of three or more units, condominiums, and apartment buildings as-well-as non-residential construction including new construction, remodels, additions, tenant improvements and changes-of-use. The permit is issued when structures are designed in accordance with the building codes and all other applicable codes and ordinances, to ensure the safety of the building and its' inhabitants.<br><br>The links in the expanded sections to the right provide access to commercial development applications, checklists and informational guides. These items will provide critical information needed to successfully complete the commercial project plan review, permitting and inspections process.</p> <br> </div> </html></div>



Commercial Applications_selfCommercial Applications/pdd/development/permits/commercial/applicationsCommercial Applications and Documents
Commercial Checklists_selfCommercial Checklists/pdd/development/permits/commercial/checklistsCommercial Applications and Documents
Commercial Guidelines & Procedures_selfCommercial Guidelines & Procedures/pdd/development/permits/commercial/guidesCommercial Applications and Documents
Adaptive Reuse Program_selfAdaptive Reuse Program/pdd/services/permitservices/arp
Fire Prevention (New Construction)_selfFire Prevention (New Construction)/fire/prevention/permits/newconstruction
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Commercial and Multi-Family Developments and Multi-Family Developments