SHAPE PHX Release 2 is Here! 

SHAPE PHX is a transformative project that replaces numerous Planning & Development Department applications with a consolidated, secure, transparent and modern land-based application that supports Planning, Zoning, Historic Preservation, Plan Review, Permitting and Inspections. 

SHAPE PHX Release 1 was successfully launched on June 6, 2022. The release included 80 single family residential permit categories, elevator permits and non-permitted construction. 

SHAPE PHX Release 2 went live on September 18, 2023 and incorporates business processes for Long Range Planning, Zoning and Historic Preservation into SHAPE PHX. Users have the ability to submit NEW Zoning applications and act on NEW Historic Preservation applications through the SHAPE PHX Customer Portal. 

***Zoning and Historic Preservation applications submitted prior to September 18, 2023 will be processed in previous systems through completion.***

Click here to access the SHAPE PHX Customer Portal which is available 24/7 and allows users to perform multiple functions from any location including but not limited to:

  • Submit Residential permit applications
  • Check plan review status
  • Communicate with staff
  • Upload documents
  • Pay online fees

SHAPE PHX provides internal and external users the opportunity to communicate more seamlessly and efficiently regarding all planning, plan review, permitting and inspections related matters as it will bring all PDD's business processes into one integrated system.

Commercial and Residential Photovoltaic projects will continue to work through PDD Online and ProjectDox programs. If you have technical questions or issues regarding the SHAPE PHX Portal, please email the SHAPE PHX Team at If you have questions related to the application process or permit status, please visit our Contact Us page to communicate with our Development Center staff.

​Release 2 incorporates the following into SHAPE PHX:

  • Historic Preservation Applications

    • Certificates of No Effect
    • Certificates of Appropriateness
    • Request for Certificate of Economic Hardship
    • Demolition Application Plan Review
  • Planning & Zoning Applications

    • ​Alternative Dustproofing
    • ATUP - Temporary Use Permits
    • Community Residences/Group Homes
    • Downtown Signs
    • General Plan Amendment
    • Informal Interpretations/Zoning Verification/Clearances
    • Planning Hearing Officer
    • Pre-Applications - GPA/Rezoning/Text Amendment
    • Rezoning​​
    • Text Amendment
    • Zoning Adjustments


What is SHAPE PHX? 

SHAPE PHX is the name of the project selected to replace the legacy business applications for the Planning & Development Department's (PDD) land management/permit tracking software systems. This multi-year project will consolidate existing applications into one modern enterprise system that provides a single source for land management information. SHAPE PHX will be delivered in multiple releases beginning with Release 1 on June 6, 2022. 

What is in each release of SHAPE PHX?

Release 1 includes the following Single Family Residential categories:

  • Single-family Plan Review, including Historic Preservation Certificates of No Effect and Building Code Modifications
  • Residential Permits, including Demolition, Fences and Swimming Pools
  • Residential Building Inspections, including Civil over-the-counter permits for Driveways, Sewer Lateral Taps and Pavement Restoration
  • Non-Permitted Construction, Elevators and Self-Certification​

Release 2 includes the following Historic Preservation (HP) and Planning application types:

  • Certificate of Appropriateness and Request for HP Demolition Approval
  • ​Administrative Temporary Use Permits (ATUP), Alternative Dustproofing, Annexation, General Plan Amendments, Rezoning, Zoning Adjustments, Zoning Clearance, Zoning Verification Letters, Medical Marijuana, Planning Hearing Officer, Downtown Sign Plans, and Zoning Pre-Application

Future SHAPE PHX releases to include the following Categories:

  • Commercial Plan Review, including Annual Facilities Program (AFP), and Residential Subdivisions
  • Commercial Permits and Inspections, including all Building, Civil, Fire and Site Planning
  • Any other disciplines not covered in Release 1 and 2​

Who will use SHAPE PHX?

Anyone who researches, submits, intakes, reviews, permits, or inspects projects for Zoning, Site Planning, Historic Preservation, Fire Prevention, Building or Civil development will have access to the new system. This includes users who input fees or make, process, or reconcile payment(s). Customers will be presented with a variety of new ways to submit various applications, plans and/or documents, obtain approvals and/or permits, pay fees, schedule inspections and check project status.​

What kind of features can we expect SHAPE PHX?

SHAPE PHX will provide an enhanced user experience with easier navigation and more self-service options for our customers. SHAPE PHX will manage application intake, inspection orders, workflow, status, and reports. A new secure system will significantly benefit our customers through improved customer service, added transparency, and increased efficiency of services that Planning & Development provides to our community. 

The best part of SHAPE PHX for our customers will be the SHAPE PHX Portal. The Portal will be available 24/7 and allow customers that register to do the following from any location; submit applications, check plan review status, share application records with other users, request meetings with staff, upload documents, request inspections and pay fees online.

Will Electronic Plan Review (EPR) still be available?

Yes, EPR will still be available. Instead of using two systems to submit projects for electronic plan review. The SHAPE PHX Portal will allow for convenient access to submit permit applications, upload files, check status, pay fees, download correction mark-ups and approved plan sets along with permits and receipts, share permit records with other users and schedule inspections all from one system.​​

Who is SHAPE PHX part​​​​nering with on this project?

The SHAPE PHX Team is collaborating with several vendors during this effort to achieve goals and assure the project is a success. See below for more information on these great companies.   


Gartner Inc. is the world’s leading authority on the business of IT. Gartner brings public sector consulting experience with extensive planning and development expertise. Gartner Consulting’s Center for Excellence in Land Management is focused on permitting, land use, and licensing systems in the public sector through work with numerous government agencies starting over a decade ago. Gartner conducted a readiness risk assessment, developed detailed business and technical requirements for the Request for Proposal, supported vendor selection, negotiation, and continues to provide overall project assurance.

For more information about Gartner Inc., visit them at


Accenture, LLP was chosen through a competitive procurement process to implement the Salesforce-BasicGov software solution. Accenture is a global management consulting, technology services company with extensive government experience. The Accenture contract includes project management, software programming and configuration, data conversion, systems integration, and training for the SHAPE PHX solution.

For more information about Accenture, LLP, visit them at:


Salesforce is an enterprise cloud computing software solution that services more than 1,000 government agencies. The SHAPE PHX solution will run off the Salesforce platform, which will bring all the following business applications into one integrated system. More information about Salesforce can be found at


Clariti will be the primary Salesforce application used for Planning, Zoning, Plan Review, and Permitting. Clariti is 100% cloud-based and features one login, convenient access to plan status, tracking and correction comments and improved communication tools between plan review staff and the submitter. To learn more about Clariti, visit them at


Whatfix is a digital adoption platform that is integrated with the SHAPE PHX Portal. Whatfix will help onboard users to learn a new business application and enhance the customer service experience by utilizing step-by-step walkthroughs, smart tips, and self-help menus. To learn more about Whatfix, visit them at​


Bluebeam is a robust plan review editing software application that will be integrated into the Clariti system. Some of Bluebeam's capabilities include plan review, file management and real-time collaboration, along with a dynamic and customizable markup tool chest. To learn more about Bluebeam, visit them at​

Video Tutorials​:

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The SHAPE PHX TEAM is here to help! Our staff created a series o​f video tutorials​ that can help you create an account, navigate the portal, share your screen with a staff member and more! Check out the first of the video the series below.

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If you have technical questions or issues regarding the SHAPE PHX Portal, please email the SHAPE PHX Team at If you have questions related to the application process or permit status, please visit our Contact Us​ page to communicate with our Development Center staff.​