Site Plan Review Process

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​​​​​​​​DSD Image Assist Customer1. The customer contacts the Planning & Development (P&D) site planning counter in person or by phone and is provided a Pre-Application Submittal Checklist Commercial, Multi-Family, and Subdivision (PDF)  or a Pre-Application Submittal Checklist Downtown Code/Walkable Urban Code Projects (PDF) to prepare for a meeting with the development review team. After preparing necessary documents, plans are submitted at the payments and submittals counter along with the required Site Development Civil Engineering Services Submittal Form (PDF). If the submittal is incomplete, the customer is directed to make corrections and return after deficiencies are addressed. If the submittal is acceptable, review fees are collected.


DSD Image Hold DSD Pre-application Meeting2. The pre-application meeting is held to review the project, timelines, plans, identify development challenges and opportunities and outline code issues. The customer is provided a project-specific information packet detailing what will be required for the preliminary site plan submittal, and advised that a project may proceed to the next step only when plan elements are complete and all issues have been resolved.


DSD Image Submit and Review Preliminary Site Plan Package3. The Preliminary Site Plan Package (PDF) is submitted along with associated documents at the Payments and Submittal Counter, where plans are routed to departments, agencies and utility companies for review and comments. Staff will review the preliminary plans and document conditions for final site plan approval. The applicant will be contacted for the preliminary review meeting, which may be optional or required, depending on the scope of the project and comments received during staff review.



DSD Image Hold Preliminary Site Plan Review Meeting4. Staff, invited neighbors and the customer meet to discuss the submittal, review the staff report outlining conditions of approval and mark up the site plan and associated documents. Staff will present details that will assist the customer to develop the final construction documents (i.e. site plan, grading and drainage, life/safety, water, sewer, paving, concrete and building elevations).


DSD Image Submit Final Site Plan and Construction Documents5. If the preliminary site plan review is granted, the customer may submit construction plans for review and approval as required. The customer is responsible for satisfying all conditions of approval prior to obtaining the necessary permits. (Note: Building plan submittal will require pre-approval by the team site planner prior to submitting plans. If necessary, please contact your team leader.)


DSD Image Issue Construction Permits6. A variety of permits may be required for your project. Each major plan review has a separate process and must be coordinated, in sequence, prior to obtaining the building permit. If you have questions regarding the sequencing of construction plans, please contact your project team leader.