Hearing Officer Requirements

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 Phoenix Employment Relations Board

​​The Phoenix Employment Relations Board is authorized by the provisions of the Meet and Confer Ordinance, Phoenix City Code, Section 2-209, et seq. (the Ordinance), to engage hearing officers for the purpose of conducting hearings relating to charges filed under the Ordinance.

Hearing Officers shall, to the best of their ability, experience, and talent, perform all the duties as may be required, whether expressed or implied.  Duties shall include conducting hearings as may be required by the Ordinance, and composing written reports with their findings of fact, conclusions of law, and recommendations to the PERB, in the time frame imposed by the PERB's Rules and Regulations.

Services will performed solely by the Hearing Officer presiding at the hearing and composing the report and recommendations and cannot be subcontracted.

It is understood that nothing guarantees that the Hearing Officer will be assigned any particular number of cases or any number of hours of during ​ the term of their agreement.  The number of cases assigned shall be as determined by the PERB Executive Director.

A Hearing Officer shall be engaged on a part-time and/or temporary basis and that the relationship is that of an independent contractor.  Neither Hearing Officer nor any of the Hearing Officer's agents, employees or helpers shall be deemed as an employee, agent, or servant of the City or the PERB.

A Hearing Officer shall be compensated for each full day of hearing at a rate of $720.00.  For any work incurred including, without limitation, the preparation of a report and recommendation, which takes less than an eight-hour day, the Hearing Officer shall be compensated for the time actually spent on an such work at the hourly rate of $90.00.

The PERB maintains a Hearing Officer roster and after review of the current number of hearings being set it will be the Board's discretion when additional Hearing Officers are added to the roster after Board approval.  By submitting a resume, it is not guaranteed that the Board will select any particular candidate.

For consideration, please email your resume to kathy.schmidt@phoenix.gov.  If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at (602) 262-4081.