PHX C.A.R.E.S. leads with services to help those experiencing homelessness find long term solutions.

PHX C.A.R.E.S. sends trained outreach teams, that take the time to build rapport and trust with people on the street, to encourage them to accept the services and resources that are offered to help end their homelessness. 

Report to PHX C.A.R.E.S. OnlineLearn How to Help 


Homelessness is not a crime. However, there are a variety of laws and ordinances which govern how space and property are used to promote a safe, healthy community environment. If you are concerned about an encampment in an area not meant for residency or long-term occupation, please let the City know so it can be investigated and addressed as appropriate. 

Report an encampment

Shopping Carts

The Neighborhood Services Department  (NSD) has a program to retrieve abandoned carts from neighborhoods, alleys and public streets.   The program encourages retailers to reduce the number of carts leaving their property, therefore limiting potential safety hazards and blight in the community. File a report with the exact location of the cart(s). Carts will typically be picked up within 24 to 48 hours of the call.

Shopping Carts

Light Rail and Bus Stops 

The safety of our bus and light rail passengers is our top priority. The city of Phoenix works with Valley Metro on enforcement and the collaboration of safety specialists to keep our customers safe aboard our transit system. 

We encourage riders to report any inappropriate behavior. This includes people who are being loud, rude or harassing, as well as suspicious behavior and criminal activity.

If you see someone breaking the law, please call 9-1-1. 

However, if someone is not abiding by the Valley Metro rules of conduct and etiquette, such as lying down on seats, loitering at light rail platforms or bus shelters, please report these instances to a bus operator, or if you’re a light rail passenger, report to a security guard, fare enforcement officer, or use the emergency call buttons located on each train and platform.

Valley Metro Rules of Conduct

Giving Meters Map.jpg

The Giving Meters are repurposed parking meters, decorated by local artists, that will be placed on sidewalks in areas with high foot traffic in downtown allowing people to give money that will help make sustainable change to those experiencing homelessness through supported services.   The Giving Meters will accept both change and credit cards. Funds donated to help the homeless will be administered by PHX C.A.R.E.S. 

Is homelessness increasing in Phoenix?

Although the total number of people experiencing homelessness has remained relatively consistent over the last several years, the number of persons living unsheltered has increased by 59% between 2015 and 2017. 


What is the impact of homeless encampment?

Unsheltered homelessness is costly both to those experiencing first hand, and communities at large. Consider this: 

    • Individuals who live without shelter have significantly reduced life expectancies.

    • Blight may reduce property value, disrupt business, and decrease neighborhood livability. 

    • Encampments or prolonged occupation by large groups may limit access to public spaces and amenities. 

    • Aggressive panhandling may compromise feelings of comfort and  safety. 

The city receives information about unsheltered homeless through the customer service line at 602-262-6251 or online at PHX At Your Service. 

Human Services department staff coordinates outreach and engagement for person living in reported encampments with the goal of connection them to housing and supportive services.

Human Services and Community Bridges, Inc.
(CBI) outreach teams respond 7 days a week from 5 a.m. to 11 p.m. 

Outreach teams seek to respond within 3 to 5 days of receiving referral. 

Neighborhood Assistance

You can help prevent encampments from forming in your alley by keeping it clear of weeds and debris, properly placing trash in the containers, and working with your neighbors to keep an eye on the alley.  Learn more about programs through the city to help with neighborhood cleanups. 

Neighborhood Specialists serve as city liaisons to residents, answering questions about city programs and services, organizing community meetings and cleanups, and working with other city departments and agencies to provide services. 

Find a Neighborhood SpecialistLearn about neighborhood cleanup programsFind neighborhood organizations in the area

Property Owners Assistance 

How is trespassing related to crime prevention? Trespassing comes up many times in a business setting. Consider the customer who is disruptive or the one you suspect stole from you last time. Don't forget the visitor in your office that is starting to get angry. Dealing with all of these people can be unnerving if you don't know where you stand. Understanding the rules can allow you to determine the outcome of these situations and possibly avoid a violent confrontation. As the owner of a property that operates a business, you may request an Authority to Arrest, which allows Police to trespass individual(s) who do not have your permission to be on your property.  The Phoenix Police Department provides guidance on the laws and where to place No Trespassing signs. 

Authority to Arrest - Learn about ATAGet an ATA ​Form Authority to Arrest - Trespass Sign PostingPrecinct Locations