Property Identification Inventory Form

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Please use the above form to record your personal property in case of theft or loss. Keep the completed form for your records with one copy in a safe place and a second copy readily available in case of theft. Update this list every time you obtain new property. If you are a victim of a crime or a loss occurs, provide an updated copy to the officer taking the report.

This form is provided as a guide when keeping a list of your property. Should a theft or loss occur, a properly maintained list will assist the Phoenix Police Department in recovering your property and apprehending the suspect/s. It also may assist in making any claims on your insurance policy.


Items should be logged individually. Include those items engraved or identifiable as belonging to you as a victim, i.e., (perm. marker, paint or location of damaged areas). A detailed description of jewelry, including engraved or one of a kind items ($1,000 or more), must be listed separately. All information on this form is very important and each block should be filled out legibly and completely to ensure return of your property, if located. (Without the proper information, the property will not be returnable to you and may be sold at auction). PLEASE PRINT OR TYPE.