Administrative Sergeant
Brian Milhone #6471

Area Lieutenants

Duty Lieutenants

P71 Lieutenant David Laslavic #5720

P72 Lieutenant Jamie Bennett #6189

P73 Lieutenant Mark Schweikert #6790

P74 Lieutenant Hector Gonzalez #4799

P75 Lieutenant James Hester #7421

Resource Lieutenant

P76 Lieutenant Nicholas Diponzio #6494

NET Sergeants

71X Sergeant Rob Neville #6055
602-495-6746 71X team voicemail

72X Sergeant Vern Brink #5831
602-534-0760 72X team voicemail
Mountain View  Pre​​ci​​nct

Commander Anthony Vasquez

Mountain View Precinct Building

The Mountain View Precinct is staffed by Phoenix Police Department employees, and is located at 2075 East Maryland Avenue. Officers are not usually in the station for contact; they are dispatched through Police Communications Operators by calling Crime Stop at (602) 262-6151 or 911. Police Aides are assigned to Mountain View Precinct to answer telephones and provide general information to walk-in visitors generally from 5:00 a.m.-Midnight, Monday through Friday and 3:00 p.m.-Midnight, Saturday and Sunday.  Mountain View Precinct serves approximately 46 square miles with an estimated population of 201,550.

Station Responsibilities:

  • Provide police patrol response to the residents of Phoenix in the Mountain View Precinct Boundaries.
  • Proactively patrol neighborhood and commercial areas.
  • Enforce criminal, traffic laws, and investigate criminal matters.
  • Surveillance/enforcement of various areas of criminal activity (Neighborhood Enforcement Team).
  • Assist with community groups concerns and Block Watches (Community Action Officer).
  • Assist with public safety education and training. 


Mountain View Precinct
2075 East Maryland Avenue
Phoenix, AZ  85016
(602) 495-5007

A Prescription Drug Collection Bin is located in the lobby at Mountain View Precinct.  The following items are not accepted: needles, liquids or aerosols.  Please contact Mountain View Precinct at 602-495-5007 for collection hours.

Please contact Public Records for fingerprinting services, copies of accident reports, departmental reports or letters of clearance.  Public Records is located at 1717 East Grant Street, Suite 100. For more information regarding Public Records call 602-534-1127.

If you have a question for the precinct, you can email us!

Precinct Map and Squad Areas


Community ​Resources

Senior Safety Fair

A community strengthening and awareness event designed to help older adults feel safe in their home and neighborhood. Attend this event to gain knowledge and learn how to keep yourself, your home, and your property safe. Learn more in the attached PDF Flyer.

Community Action Team

Community Action Sergeant

70X Sergeant Marc Rivers #6869

Community Action Officers

71 Area 
Officer Ben Carro #9038

71 Area
Officer Ashley Boudreau #9056

72 Area
Officer Lindsey Smith #9453

72 Area
Officer Kiley Venard #8100

73 Area
Officer Aaron Stevens #7398

73 Area
Officer Ben Harris #8275

Abatement/DEB Liquor Liaison

Detective Gabriella Westfall