Mountain View Precinct

​​Welcome to the Mountain View  Pre​​cinct

Mountain View Precinct BuildingI am pleased to once again serve in the Mountain View Precinct. I worked in the area as a newly promoted Lieutenant in 2007 at the Squaw Peak Precinct. I was fortunate enough to open the doors to Mountain View and I am happy to report that it is still filled with very hard working people. Although I am a new Commander, I have nearly 29 years of experience in many assignments dealing with all aspects of policing. I have a simple philosophy to "Treat others how I would like to be treated." I expect high accountability and high results while using safe, applicable measures to put bad guys in jail and keep the community safe. - ​​Comman​​​der Marcel Spaulding

The Mountain View Precinct is estimated to have a population of 214,386.  It is estimated to be 36.71 square miles.

If you have a question for the precinct, you can email us!

Phoenix Po​​​lice Youth Police Experience

This is a FREE program.  Students must be entering 7th or 8th Grade in the fall of 2015. ​​ The student must reside or attend school within the City of Phoenix limits.
Space is limited to the first 25 youth. This June, the Phoenix Police Department will present the Youth Police Experience to introduce children to the world of Law Enforcement.​

Personnel ​​

2075 East Maryland Avenue
Fax 602-495-3638

Admin Sergeant
Sergeant Vern Brink

Community Programs/CAO Sergeant
Sergeant Vern Busby
602- 495-6866

Community Programs Coordinator
Officer Mary Roestenberg

Crime Free Multi Housing Detective
Detective Drew Loper

Officer Gabriella Westfall

Burglary Reduction Program 
Detective Doug Peckins

Community ​Resources

Precinct Map and Squad Areas


Area Lieutenants
P71 - Lt. David LaSlavic
P72 - Lt. Rob Settembre
P73 - Lt. Patrick Tortorici
P74 - Lt. Darius Potts
P75 - Lt. Bryan Chapman
P76 - Troy Finley
Community Action Officers
East Area of Precinct 71 Area
Officer Stephanie Laufer
Officer Matthew Martinez
Central Area of Precinct 72 Area
Officer Gilbert Gandara
Officer Al Knecht

West Area of the Precinct 73 Area
Officer Aaron Stevens
Officer Ben Harris