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​​​Welcome to the Mountain View  Pre​​ci​​nct

Mountain View Precinct Building

The Mountain View Precinct is estimated to have a population of 214,386.  It is estimated to be 36.71 square miles.

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Commander Paula Veach​

 ​​As many of you know, I have the good fortune of teaching at Arizona State University in addition to my role as your precinct Commander.  Recently, a graduate student working on his capstone project asked me to describe the “community programs” in my precinct. Having examined community policing from the academic and practical perspective, I shared with him my findings. You see, the Phoenix Police Department does not treat community policing as a “program,” but rather as a culture and a relationship.  Community inclusion and engagement is the historical practice of this organization and of our precinct.  We use it as a verb and not a noun.  Although the national conversation may suggest that law enforcement does not understand community needs, and may propose that the relationship between community and police is broken, I would argue that all relationships, public and private, require mutual effort to remain healthy; mutual effort necessitates shared sacrifice and shared respect from each member of the alliance.  I also think my professional situation is unique. I am honored to serve in a precinct where my community acts as partners with the police.  You have assumed ownership of your neighborhoods and have actively engaged in efforts to help us make the Mountain View Precinct a safe place to live, worship, work, and go to school.  And, it’s more than this. It has not been an easy year for policing. Yet, I have witnessed your great support in moments when we needed it, as police officers.  You remembered that we are human first and you stood with us when things were tough.  .

So, I offer this letter as a momentum of the great work we have collectively completed this year.  These are the highlights of some of the major accomplishments of the Mountain View Precinct for the 2016 calendar year. The precinct strives toward integrating crime suppression through community inclusion and engagement. Our intent is to touch every faction of our citizenry through positive contact with police.  I hope we have met you and that our work together continues.  Thank you for being who you are as a community. 

Happy Holidays,

Paula Veach
Mountain View Precinct

2075 East Maryland Avenue
Fax 602-495-3638

Admin Sergeant
Sergeant Brian Milhone​

Community Programs/CAO Sergeant
Sergeant Marc Rivers​
602- 495-6866

Community Programs Coordinator
Officer Mary Roestenberg

Crime Free Multi Housing
Officer Drew Loper

Abatement/Liquor Detective
Detective​ Gabriella Westfall

Burglary Reduction Program 
Detective Doug Peckins

Community ​Resources

Precinct Map and Squad Areas


Area Lieutenants

P71 David LaSlavic
P72 Jeffrey Fields
P73 Mark Schweikert
P74 Matt Siekmann
P75 James Hester
P76 Nicholas DiPonzio

Community Action Officers
East Area of Precinct 71 Area
Officer Ashley Boudreau     

Ben Carro
Central Area of Precinct 72 Area
Officer Gilbert Gandara

Kiley Venard

West Area of the Precinct 73 Area
Officer Aaron Stevens
Officer Ben Harris