Phoenix Police Reserve Program

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Police Reserve officer on motorcycle at night

Reserve police officers with the Phoenix Police Department are civic-minded and highly motivated men and women who work in various career jobs in the private and governmental sectors, and who also volunteer to serve our community as part-time, full-authority police officers.

Our reserve police officers come from many professional backgrounds, and they have included business owners, physicians, teachers, bankers, engineers, commercial airline pilots, firefighters, attorneys, mortgage brokers, stockbrokers, salespersons, graphic designers, real estate brokers, information system managers, members of the military and many other professions. 

Reserve police officers complete the same selection process, and the same police academy training as full-time, career police officers.  Reserve officers then work independently, as solo-capable police officers, in uniform patrol. After gaining sufficient police officer experience, reserve police officers have the opportunity to work in many specialty assignments such as detectives, motorcycle officers, school resource officers, pilots, airport officers and transit officers, among others. 

The Reserve Division of the Phoenix Police Department is nationally recognized as one of the finest reserve police officer organizations in the United States. In 2018 we celebrated 100 years of the reserve program service to the City of Phoenix. The program has changed some since 1918 but what hasn't changed is the dedication to duty and service Reserve Officers have. You can read all about this 100 year history in a new 120 page book, ​"The Phoenix Police Reserve: A Centennial of Service". 

If you have the commitment and drive to join the ranks of this elite police organization, and you are seeking an opportunity to earn your commission as a fully- sworn Arizona peace officer, and to serve and protect your community, please contact a recruiter today.  For more information about the Reserve Division, please visit the Phoenix Police Reserve website or call 602-534-9000.


Police reserve officer at night traffic stopAs a reserve police officer, you will enjoy and receive many benefits, including:

  • Ability to maintain current career, military, and/or educational commitments

  • Receive 39 college credit hours while attending the police academy

  • Night and weekend academy dates

  • Smaller academy class sizes

  • Receive AZPOST full-authority peace officer status upon academy completion

  • Receive payment for court overtime and standby, and are eligible to work off-duty employment

  • Receive annual uniform allowance

  • Receive basic leather duty belt/gear, equipment, and service weapon

  • Ability to work in patrol or 80+ specialty details 


STEP 1: Physical Agility Assessment

The first step in becoming a reserve police recruit is to fully complete the background packet. In order to continue with the application process, please open the two documents below, complete the background packet according to the instructions, and return your completed background packet to the Reserve Division for review. Please contact a recruiter at (602) 534-9000 or to schedule a time to return.

Background Packet Instructions

Background Packet

STEP 2: Background Questionnaire Investigation & Interview

Upon returning a fully completed background packet, qualified applicants will contacted a short time later (1-4 weeks) to set-up the initial background interview. Applicants will now be required to bring a completed resume to their first interview.

STEP 3: Polygraph Examination

Applicants will be given a polygraph examination (lie detector test) administered by a trained, professional examiner. The test will confirm information noted on the applicant's background investigation packet.

STEP 4: Peace Officer Physical Aptitude Test (POPAT)

Offered only to those who successfully pass the first 4 steps in the hiring process.  The test will be administered at the Phoenix Regional Academy and will be scheduled by an assigned background detective.  The test consists of the following 5 assessments:

  • 99-YARD OBSTACLE COURSE: Run a 99-yard obstacle course consisting of several sharp turns, a number of curb height obstacles, and a 34-inch high obstacle that must be vaulted.
  • BODY DRAG: Lift and drag 165-pound, lifelike dummy 32 feet.
  • CHAIN-LINK FENCE: Run five yards to a six-foot, chain-link fence, climb over fence continue running another 25 yards.
  • SOLID FENCE CLIMB: Run five yards to a six-foot solid fence, climb over fence continue running another 25 yards.
  • 500-YARD RUN:  Run 500 yards (equivalent to one lap plus 60 yards of a standard running track).

STEP 5: Psychological Test

Applicants will be evaluated by a licensed psychologist.

STEP 6: Medical Examination

Applicants will undergo a complete medical examination given by a licensed physician.

STEP 7: Controlled Substance Screening

Applicants will be required to submit to a urinalysis at some point in the hiring process.


Reserve Division logoReserve police officers are required to volunteer 240 hours of police services each year, in addition to attending four quarterly meetings, completing four special police enforcement events, and completing all police department training and proficiency requirements.  Solo-capable reserve officers are able to select their precinct, squad, work days, shift hours and schedules.

In addition to initially serving as a uniformed patrol officer, experienced reserve police officers have the opportunity to work in any of the specialty details with the Phoenix Police Department serving as a reserve police officer is a unique and rewarding   opportunity to serve your community, and make a difference in people's lives. 

If you have further questions about becoming a reserve police officer, please visit Phoenix Police Reserve website or call a Reserve Division recruiter at 602-534-9000, today.

Protect and Serve. Become a Reserve!