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​​August 20: Virtual Public Meeting of the Review and Implementation Ad Hoc Committee

The Review and Implementation Ad Hoc Committee was created by Mayor Gallego in July 2019, and is comprised of two councilmembers serving as Co-Chairs, as well as 17 community members. The Committee was tasked with reviewing five reports that span the last 10 years pertaining to different aspects of police operations. After reviewing the reports the Committee was charged with determining what recommendations are necessary for moving forward to forge a better functioning department with the goal of more positive Police community relations.

The draft recommendations are available for public comment:
Review Recommendations and Submit Comments (English)
Download Recommendations (145 KB PDF)

A virtual public meeting will also be held on August 20 from 4:00-8:00 p.m.

Options to Access this Meeting

  • View only: Live stream on Phoenix.gov home page or Phoenix Channel 11 on Cox Cable. Or Watch Meeting on WebEx Online
  • To hear audio in Spanish, please call 602-666-0783, Enter Meeting ID 126 113 1657#
  • Call-in to listen only: Dial 602-666-0783 and Enter Meeting ID 126 805 5351# (for English) or 126 113 1657# (for Spanish). Press # again when prompted for attendee ID.
  • Register to speak prior to 3:00 p.m. on Thursday, August 20, 2020, by emailing adhocrequesttospeak@phoenix.gov or calling 602-262-6001.
  • Once registered to speak, Join as Registered Speaker at the time of the meeting to join the event. 

​​20 de Agosto: Reunión Pública Virtual del Comité Ad Hoc de Revisión e Implementación

El Comité Ad Hoc de Revisión e Implementación fue creado por Alcaldesa Gallego en julio del 2019 y se compone de dos miembros del concejo sirviendo como copresidentes junto con 17 miembros de la comunidad. Al Comité se le dio la tarea de revisar 5 informes que abarcan 10 años tocante los diferentes aspectos de las operaciones policiales. Tras una revisión de estos informes, el Comité recibió la tarea de determinar qué recomendaciones eran necesarias para establecer un departamento de mejor función que llevara a relaciones más positivas entre la policía y la comunidad.

Los borradores de recomendaciones están disponibles para comentario público:
Revisar recomendaciones y enviar comentarios (español)
Descargar recomendacións (145 KB PDF)

Se celebrará una reunión virtual en 20 de Agosto de 4:00-8:00 p.m.

Opciones para Acceder a esta Reunión

  • Solo para ver: transmisión en vivo en Phoenix.gov o Phoenix Channel 11 en Cox Cable. Para ver en línea
  • Para llamar solo para escuchar: marque 602-666-0783 e ingrese el número de identificación de reunión 126 805 5351# (para inglés) o 126 113 1657# (para español). Presione # de nuevo cuando se le solicite la identificación de asistente.
  • Si desea hablar, debe registrarse antes de las 3:00 p.m. el jueves 20 de agosto de 2020, enviando un correo electrónico a adhocrequesttospeak@phoenix.gov o llamando al 602-262-6001
  • Una vez que se haya registrado para hablar, haga clic en este enlace en el momento de la reunión y únase al evento: se unirá a la reunión como orador registrado

​​Phoenix Police Department Unveils New Transparency Videos

​Phoenix Police Chief Jeri Williams announced on October 30, 2019 a new process for releasing information, audio and visuals tied to critical incidents. ​​

In keeping with a commitment to provide greater transparency and accountability, the Phoenix Police Department will release Critical Incident Briefing (CIB) ​videos following high-profile incidents such as officer involved shootings.  

This past summer, Chief Williams committed to improving the process for releasing information to the public.  She says these videos are one step in fulfilling that commitment. 

“I recognize that transparency between our organization and the public is one of the key elements in that process.  I'm committed to leading an adaptable and learning organization," Williams said.

Each time a critical incident such as an officer involved shooting happens, the Public Affairs Bureau will gather factual information which could including 911 calls, radio transmissions, body worn camera, still photographs and other information to help describe the incident to the community. 

The video's will be shared directly with the community through the phoenix.gov/police/oisinfo​ website and the official Phoenix Police Department social media channels.  

​Videos will be created for critical incidents from August 2019 forward. 

​Guide​lines for CIB videos are listed in the Critical Incident Transparency Protocol.

 Message from the Chief


The information on this page is intended to inform and educate the public about certain high-profile incidents, and other related topics from the Phoenix Police Department. See also: OIS Info page.

Press Conference, Oct. 22, 2019 

Police Chief Jeri WilliamsThe Phoenix Police Department held a press conference with new community updates at 1:30 p.m. on Oct. 22. Watch a recording of the livestream on the Police Facebook page.

Phoenix Police Chief Jeri Williams announced discipline, including two terminations tied to high-profile incidents.

In the first case, an officer has been fired based on his response to a shoplifting call. The May 27th incident was captured on cell phone video that made news both locally and across the country. Chief Williams made the final decision to terminate Officer Chris Meyer, saying his actions caused adverse effects on both the Phoenix Police Department and our community. A second officer from the same incident was given a written reprimand.

The Police Chief also announced discipline for employees connected to social media posts, including one termination. 72 current employees were flagged as having possible inappropriate posts. An internal investigation looked at our policy and determined most of those employees’ actions rose to the level of supervisory coaching. Of the remaining 11 employees deemed to be in more serious violation of the policy, one was terminated, nine others received suspensions of 8-40 hours. The remaining employee is still in the investigative process.

“Our officers’ behavior was unacceptable,” said Chief Williams. “I expect them to be respectful, professional and compassionate in every situation and every encounter.”

The Phoenix Police Department receives more than 2,000,000 calls for service each year. The overwhelming majority of those calls and contacts end well. “But when they don’t, we will deal with the misconduct and create a dynamic where further harm isn’t done,” said Williams. Chief Williams commended the professionalism and respect delivered by most officers in their thousands of daily encounters with the public. “It’s what I expect and what the public deserves.”

10-22-2019 Disciplinary Process Fact Sheet (75 KB PDF)

10-22-2019 Shoplifting Investigation & Social Media Update (228 KB PDF)       

We welcome public comments, to submit comments please Complete Online Form.



Watch a video message from Phoenix Police Chief Jeri Williams regarding the May 27th incident.


Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q.)

Review Frequently Asked Questions. Activate blue buttons to reveal answers.

Question 1: What is the status of Phoenix Police’s body-worn camera program?

Phoenix Police

Answer: We reached full deployment of our body-worn camera program in 2019 for Patrol with every responding officer and sergeant equipped with a camera. Officers in many other details are also assigned cameras including our Crisis Intervention Teams, Downtown Operation Unit, Transportation Bureau, and our Tactical Support Bureau​.

Question 2: What does it mean when the Phoenix Police Department launches an internal investigation?

Answer: Typically an allegation of misconduct is routed to our Professional Standards Bureau, what many refer to as Internal Affairs. A supervisor, sergeant or above, will review the incident for possible misconduct and/or policy violation. It may then rise to an internal investigation or be sent to the officer’s precinct to handle internally, depending on the severity.

Question 3: What does it mean when an officer is put on administrative duty?

Answer: The Police Chief may decide to temporarily assign an officer to a position with minimal or no public contact until such time as an inquiry is resolved. This allows the employee to remain productive while on duty. The decision to place an officer on administrative duty also provides investigators in the Professional Standards Bureau the ability to have them immediately respond to their office for questioning regarding the incident.

Question 4: Will an employee continue to be paid while under investigation?

Answer: Yes. This is in accordance with labor agreements. Unless or until an investigation is concluded, due process will be carried out.

Question 5: What goes into the decision to fire an officer?

Answer: Based on the results of an internal investigation, or a violation of policy or law so serious, the Police Chief may decide to terminate an employee. The decision to revoke an officer’s certification, or order the reinstatement of a terminated employee, is made by the Arizona Police Officers Standards and Training Board (AZPOST).

Question 6: What is the process for a citizen to report officer misconduct?

Answer: Complaints may be made either by phone to our Professional Standards Bureau, (602) 262-4580, in person at 17 South 2nd Avenue, Phoenix, AZ 85003, or online at Phoenix.gov/Police/Resources-Information​/Comm​endations-Complaints.

The following presentation, intended to accompany a verbal staff presentation for community groups, provides an overview of the Professional Standards Bureau and complaint process. PDF Presentation: Professional Standards Bureau Overview​​​

Question 7: What is the process for a police employee to report the misconduct of other employees?

Answer: Any employee is obligated to report misconduct to a supervisor as they become aware. Employees may also report other employees suspected of fraud (embezzlement; contract fraud; vendor kickbacks; removal, loss, unauthorized destruction, or inappropriate use or waste of city money or property; falsified documents; specific danger to public health or non-emergency safety issues; or other violations of laws or regulations) using an online form at Phoenix.gov/Auditor/Fraud-Reporting

Question 8: How do I request a police report?

Answer: Requests for Police public records (i.e. police reports, accident reports, etc.) may be made either in person at Code Enforcement Unit, 1717 East Grant Street, Suite 100, or online by visiting Phoenix.gov/AtYourService (select the Police Public Records Request button). For information about other public records (including Municipal Court, Fire Department, or other City Departments) see and review the Find Public Records page at Phoenix.gov/PIO/Public-Records.

Question 9: What has changed since the 2018 National Police Foundation study into Phoenix Police officer-involved shootings?

Answer: Please visit Phoenix.gov/OISinfo for the full study results, supporting documentation, the plan to implement recommendations, and updates on our progress.

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Use Phoenix's Open Data portal to explore Police-related data sets. You can also review links to related studies, learn about partner and support organizations, or learn about how to get involved and support the Phoenix Police Department in your neighborhood.


Phoenix Police Open Data

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Open Data: Phoenix PD OIS Dashboard

To be transparent, public information about OIS incidents are posted to a digital dashboard on Phoenix's Open Data portal. The public can review the number of OIS incidents by incident year, by incident month and year, by day of week and year, by quarter and year, by precinct and year, or by Council District and year. Data is provided from January 2017 to the present. New data is added with regular updates.

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Open Data: Phoenix PD Calls for Service

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Open Data: Phoenix PD UCR Crime Data


Further Police Resources

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Arizona Peace Officer Standards and Training Board (AZPOST)

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Find the Blue in You

The Phoenix Police Department is now hiring. If you would like to join the team now is the time. We have created a web page with all the information​ you need to know and you can follow us on Facebook and Twitter to keep up-to-date on events, testing, and more.

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Watch a video message from Phoenix Police Chief Jeri Williams.

05-27-2019 Incident Report (#201900899642) (86 KB PDF)

Message From the Chief

Jeri Williams, Police Chief.



Our work must be transparent and ongoing in order to maintain confidence and trust. We welcome your feedback and recommendations and encourage our community members to get involved through your neighborhood Block Watch, Virtual Block Watch, Community Action Officer relationships and/or join us on Facebook and Twitter.

—Jeri L. Williams, Police Chief

​Page Last Updated at 9:30 a.m. June 18, 2019. Page may be updated to make further clarifications or to answer new questions.


The information on this page is intended to inform and educate the public about certain high-profile incidents, and other related topics from the Phoenix Police Department. See also: OIS Info page


Watch a video message from Phoenix Police Chief Jeri Williams regarding the May 27th incident.

Read Phoenix Police Department Action Plan (1.1 MB PDF)

Read Police Department Civilian Review Boards Presentation (1.2 MB PDF)​