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About Transparency​



Message from the ChiefMessage from the Chiefhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dd2do71UWVo22

​​​​The Phoenix Police Department understands trust is something you earn. Our citizens deserve to know what's happening in their community, and how this department carries out its mission to protect and serve. We believe it's our responsibility to share information regarding interactions between our officers and the people they serve. The public has a right to know how we police.​

Transparency is not just a slogan or a buzz phrase for us. It's a commitment. Our new interactive and updated transparency page takes that commitment to a whole new level. On the page, you will find raw data, updated statistics and videos pulling back the curtain on all we do.

From arrests, to citations, calls for service and even interactive crime maps. The dashboards are a tool we hope you will use to gain a better understanding of what's happening where you live. Want to do a deep dive into our Officer Involved Shooting data? Response to Resistance? Uniform Crime reporting? Or maybe you want to learn more about our body​ worn camera program. It's all there. These are just a few of the many topics we discuss in our "Frequently Asked Questions" section.

We also continue our use of what we call Critical Incident Briefings. Anytime there's a critical incident, such as an officer involved shooting, we will release the facts in video form within 14 days. During this two-week period, members of the Public Affairs Bureau will gather 911 calls, radio transmission, body worn camera footage and any other information available to present a factual picture of what ​happened, as we know it at the time.

An engaged and informed community is the key to earning and keeping your trust. ​​We believe our community is safer if you know what your officers are doing, and why they are doing it. We hope you find this resource helpful and enlightening.

Critical Incident Briefings



Critical Incident Briefing: May 7, 2024 - 35th Avenue and Roosevelt StreetCritical Incident Briefing: May 7, 2024 - 35th Avenue and Roosevelt Street<div class="ExternalClass320C27427668417A88459F6D135BB4AD"><html> <strong>​​WARNING: The attached video may contain strong language as well as graphic images which may be disturbing to some people. Viewer discretion is advised.</strong> <br> <br>The Phoenix Police Department has released a Critical Incident Briefing (CIB) video that includes audio, visuals and information related to an officer-involved shooting (OIS) which occurred on May 7, 2024.<br><br>The incident occurred in the area of 35th Avenue and Roosevelt Street after a patrol officer was flagged down by an employee of a nearby convenience store.  <br><br>The employee reported that a shoplifting had just occurred and pointed out two people at a nearby bus stop who were involved. The officer drove his fully marked police Tahoe to the bus stop, at which time both individuals ran east on Roosevelt Street.<br><br>The officer drove his Tahoe towards the two suspects until he caught up to the adult male suspect. The man produced a handgun and fired multiple shots at the officer - striking the Tahoe several times. The officer drove away from the man to escape the gunfire and advised over the police radio that he was being shot at.  <br><br>The officer made a U-turn and returned to the area to relocate the shooter. Once again, the man fired his handgun at the officer. The officer then returned fire striking the man and causing him to fall to the ground.  <br><br>The second shoplifting suspect was last seen running from the area.<br><br>Officers provided medical aid to the suspect. He was taken to the hospital where he was pronounced deceased.<br><br>The handgun used by the suspect in this incident was recovered on scene.<br><br>The marked police Tahoe driven by the involved officer was struck multiple times by the suspect's gunfire.<br><br>The officer involved in this shooting is assigned to the South Mountain Precinct and has approximately six years of service with the Department.<br><br>This incident is the subject of a criminal investigation to be reviewed by the Maricopa County Attorney's Office. <br><br>It is also the subject of an administrative investigation. <br><br>Conclusions about whether the actions of the officers are consistent with department policy and the law will not be made until all facts are known and the investigation is complete.<br></html></div>3107Videohttps://youtu.be/FpbHlYLRwmAhttps://www.phoenix.gov/newsroom/police/3107
Critical Incident Briefing - February 19, 2024 - 6000 W. McDowell Rd.Critical Incident Briefing - February 19, 2024 - 6000 W. McDowell Rd.<div class="ExternalClassB7D39398EE4542B18560BC716BD96B80"><html>​<strong>WARNING: The attached video may contain strong language as well as graphic images which may be disturbing to some people. Viewer discretion is advised.</strong><br><br>The Phoenix Police Department has released a Critical Incident Briefing (CIB) video that includes audio, visuals and information related to an officer-involved shooting (OIS) which occurred on February 19, 2024.<br><br>This incident began in the area of 27th Avenue and Van Buren Street around 10:45 p.m. when patrol officers saw a brown vehicle leave the parking lot of a business at a high rate of speed. <br><br>Officers were unable to catch up to the vehicle, so they relayed the information to other officers in the area. Another officer spotted the vehicle around 34th Avenue and Van Buren Street and attempted to pull it over. <br><br>When the vehicle did not stop, the police helicopter took over and followed the car as patrol units backed off. <br><br>The vehicle continued until it reached the area of 43rd Avenue and Granada Road. The driver got out of the vehicle and ran up to a car with a gun in his hand. The driver of that car reacted and drove away. <br><br>The suspect got back in his car and drove to 60th Lane and McDowell Road. That is where he got out of his car still armed and ran up to another car yelling at that driver. The driver of that car drove away. <br><br>The suspect then ran towards a red car stopped in the roadway. At this point, officers were driving into the area and saw the man approach the car. The driver of that car said the man slammed both hands on the hood of her car holding a gun and demanded she give him her car. He then tried to open her door. <br><br>One officer arrived and a second officer showed up as his back up. Both officers reported seeing the suspect point his gun at one of the officers. <br><br>That is when the suspect and one officer exchanged gunfire. The suspect was hit and fell to the ground. The officer was not hurt.<br><br>After the shooting, officers moved up and provided medical aid to the man until fire personnel arrived. The man was taken to the hospital where he later died from his injuries.<br><br>A gun was recovered near where the suspect was shot. Evidence was found that showed the suspect fired his handgun during the shooting. No officers or community members were injured. <br><br>The car the suspect was driving had been reported stolen.<br><br>The officer involved in this shooting has been with the Department for 20 years and assigned to the Maryvale Estrella Mountain Precinct.<br><br>This incident is the subject of a criminal investigation to be reviewed by the Maricopa County Attorney's Office. <br><br>It is also the subject of an administrative investigation. <br><br><p>Conclusions about whether the actions of the officers are consistent with department policy and the law will not be made until all facts are known and the investigation is complete.<br></p><p><br></p></html></div>3040Videohttps://youtu.be/5h3Mq7sJLtshttps://www.phoenix.gov/newsroom/police/3040
Critical Incident Briefing - February 13, 2024 - 1900 W Berridge LaneCritical Incident Briefing - February 13, 2024 - 1900 W Berridge Lane<div class="ExternalClass31C4DA6A884F40E7B48C0F6BE5260E0C"><html> <div>WARNING: The attached video may contain strong language as well as graphic images which may be disturbing to some people. Viewer discretion is advised. </div> <div> <br> </div> <div>The Phoenix Police Department has released a Critical Incident Briefing (CIB) video that includes audio, visuals and information related to an officer-involved shooting (OIS) which occurred on February 13, 2024. </div> <div> <br> </div> <div>This incident began when officers responded to an emergency call of an unknown trouble at an apartment in the area of 19th Avenue and Berridge Lane. The caller reported a man was holding her mother at gunpoint and forced her back into their apartment.<br></div> <div> <br> </div> <div>When officers got to the scene, they surrounded the apartment. While looking through the windows, officers saw the man physically attacking the victim in the bedroom. Officers than began to yell into the apartment demanding that everyone inside come out. The suspect pointed a gun out of a window and shot at officers who were positioned at the back of the house. One of those officers returned fire.</div> <div> <br> </div> <div>Officers at the front of the apartment heard the shots and went to the opposite side of the apartment. A different officer fired his duty gun striking and stopping the man as he was fleeing the scene.</div> <div> <br> </div> <div>After the shooting, the man was taken to the hospital where he was provided medical treatment for non-life-threatening injuries.</div> <div> <br> </div> <div>The woman involved in the original violent attack was also provided medical care for her injuries.</div> <div> <br> </div> <div>Both officers involved in this critical incident are assigned to the Desert Horizon Precinct and have 17 and 24 years of service with the department. </div> <div> <br> </div> <div>This incident is the subject of a criminal investigation to be reviewed by the Maricopa County Attorney’s Office. </div> <div> <br> </div> <div>It is also the subject of an administrative investigation. </div> <div> <br> </div> <div>Conclusions about whether the actions of the officers are consistent with department policy and the law will not be made until all facts are known and the investigation is complete.<br><br></div> </html></div>3036Videohttps://youtu.be/FDR94VujUxshttps://www.phoenix.gov/newsroom/police/3036

Police Data​ and Dashboards​




Officer-Involved ShootingsOfficer-Involved Shootingshttps://stories.opengov.com/phoenixaz/published/26IwcDHW8<i class="fak fa-user-police"></i>_blank
Use of ForceUse of Forcehttps://stories.opengov.com/phoenixaz/published/6EtqlY5qQ<i class="fal fa-hand-paper"></i>_blank
Officer Pointed Gun at PersonOfficer Pointed Gun at Personhttps://stories.opengov.com/phoenixaz/published/9pe6sQqvt<i class="fak fa-stop-sign"></i>_blank
Adult ArrestsAdult Arrestshttps://stories.opengov.com/phoenixaz/published/8g516L4Wc<i class="fak fa-handcuffs"></i>_blank
Traffic CitationsTraffic Citationshttps://stories.opengov.com/phoenixaz/published/6wuy0Qw57<i class="fal fa-ticket"></i>_blank
Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS) DataUnmanned Aircraft System (UAS) Datahttps://www.phoenixopendata.com/dataset/uas<i class="fa-light fa-drone-front"></i>_blank
Calls for ServiceCalls for Servicehttps://www.phoenixopendata.com/dataset/calls-for-service<i class="fal fa-phone-square"></i>_blank
CrimeCrimehttps://www.phoenixopendata.com/dataset/crime-data<i class="fal fa-file-chart-line"></i>_blank
Crime Maps & StatisticsCrime Maps & Statisticshttps://www.phoenix.gov/police/resources-information/crime-stats-maps<i class="fal fa-map-marked-alt"></i>_blank
ArchiveArchivehttps://www.phoenix.gov/police/transparency/archive<i class="fal fa-archive"></i>_blank




City Manager's Performance Dashboard_blankCity Manager's Performance Dashboardhttps://cmpr-dashboard-phoenix.hub.arcgis.com/
Datasets - Police Data Initiative_blankDatasets - Police Data Initiativehttps://www.policedatainitiative.org/datasets/
Police Public Records_blankPolice Public Recordshttps://phxpublicsafety.dynamics365portals.us/
PPD Operations Orders_blankPPD Operations Ordershttps://public.powerdms.com/PhoenixPD/tree

Frequently Asked Questions



body-worn camerasbody-worn cameras<div class="ExternalClassD6292334167B4CB2ABCFF18FF8BF8B8E"><p><br>We reached full deployment of our Body-Worn Camera program in 2019 for Patrol with every responding officer and sergeant equipped with a camera. Supervisors will ensure users assigned to their squad are wearing and activating their cameras in accordance with the Body-Worn Camera policy.​​<br></p></div>What is the status of Phoenix Police's body-worn camera program?<i class="fa-solid fa-camera"></i>
internal investigationinternal investigation<div class="ExternalClassFBED5B72C5BB47508239D3E5FF1BED9D"><p><br style="font-size:14.6667px;"><span style="font-size:14.6667px;">Typically an allegation of misconduct is routed to our Professional Standards Bureau, what many refer to as Internal Affairs. A supervisor, sergeant or above, will review the incident for possible misconduct and/or policy violation. Allegations of serious misconduct may then rise to the level of an internal investigation conducted by PSB, or in cases of allegations of minor policy violations, be sent to the employee's work unit for further investigation by the employee's immediate chain of command.​</span><br></p></div>What does it mean when the Phoenix Police Department launches an internal investigation?<i class="fa-solid fa-magnifying-glass"></i>
administrative dutyadministrative duty<div class="ExternalClassD196EA4F036C4E3E8C36793A888CD22E"><p>​The Police Chief may decide to temporarily assign an officer to a position with minimal or no public contact until such time as an inquiry is resolved. This allows the employee to remain productive while on duty. The decision to place an officer on administrative duty also provides investigators in the Professional Standards Bureau the ability to have them immediately respond to their office for questioning regarding the incident.​<br></p></div>What does it mean when an officer is put on administrative duty?
employee investigationemployee investigation<div class="ExternalClass1D5EB0194DAA4A6A9146885C77571EC4"><p>​Yes. This is in accordance with labor agreements. Unless or until an investigation is concluded, due process will be carried out.​<br></p></div>Will an employee continue to be paid while under investigation?
disciplining an officerdisciplining an officer<div class="ExternalClass977E0C81A22E40CC91C35D7D3D9A3626"><p>Under the direction of the Police Chief, it is the Department’s intent to administer discipline for both sworn and civilian employees in accordance with City and Department policies in a manner which is fair, impartial and consistent to all employees.<br></p></div>What goes into the decision to discipline an officer?
officer misconductofficer misconduct<div class="ExternalClassB2123E8390DC4C0CB5397495F5EDF285"><p>​Complaints may be made either by phone to our Professional Standards Bureau, <strong>(602) 262-4580</strong>​, in person at 17 S 2nd Avenue, Phoenix, AZ 85003, or<a href="/police/resources-information/commendations-complaints" title="Commendations and Complaints"> online at Phoenix.gov Police Commendations and Complaints</a>.<br></p><p>The following presentation, intended to accompany a verbal staff presentation for community groups, provides an overview of the Professional Standards Bureau and complaint process: <a href="/policesite/Documents/PSB_Overview.pdf" target="_blank" title="Professional Standards Bureau Overview">Professional Standards Bureau Overview​ (PDF)</a>​</p></div>What is the process for a citizen to report officer misconduct?
employee misconductemployee misconduct<div class="ExternalClass5123DED02E0548A0AA41E058EC434AFD"><p>​Any employee is obligated to report misconduct to a supervisor as they become aware. Employees may also report other employees suspected of fraud (embezzlement; contract fraud; vendor kickbacks; removal, loss, unauthorized destruction, or inappropriate use or waste of city money or property; falsified documents; specific danger to public health or non-emergency safety issues; or other violations of laws or regulations) using an <a href="/auditor/fraud-reporting" title="Phoenix Auditor Fraud Reporting">online form at Phoenix Auditor Fraud Reporting​</a>.​<br></p></div>What is the process for a police employee to report the misconduct of other employees?
police reportpolice report<div class="ExternalClassA457133716944571AF86B38D14805C18"><p>​Requests for Police public records (i.e. police reports, accident reports, etc.) may be made either in person at Code Enforcement Unit, 1717 East Grant Street, Suite 100, or <a href="https://phxpublicsafety.dynamics365portals.us/" target="_blank" title="Police Department Records Request">online by visiting Police Department Records Request​</a>. For information about other public records (including Municipal Court, Fire Department, or other City Departments) see and review the page at <a href="/pio/public-records" title="Find Public Records">City of Phoenix Communications Office Find Public Records</a>​.​<br></p></div>How do I request a police report?
officer-involved shootingsofficer-involved shootings<div class="ExternalClass80BBC0C3A5B1444E85EB9B1A36BD2E49"><p>The Phoenix Police Department has responded to all the <a href="/policesite/Documents/NPF_OIS_Study.pdf" target="_blank">National Police Foundation study recommendations​</a><a href="/policesite/Documents/NPF_OIS_Study.pdf">​</a> including the creation of the Compliance and Oversight Bureau (COB) in 2021. This involved the designing and implementation of the new Phoenix Police Department Transparency Page, which includes critical incident videos and data dashboards.​​<br></p></div>What has changed since the 2018 National Police Foundation study into Phoenix Police officer-involved shootings?

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