The T2050 progress report highlights progress made in three categories: Street Maintenance and Improvements, Bus and Dial-a-Ride, and High Capacity Transit; and includes a financial summary on program sales tax revenues. This report is aimed at ensuring transparency and accountability in the delivery of T2050 programs and projects. Planned progress and goals for T2050 programs and projects are also highlighted in the report.

Current Yearly Progress Report

FY 2021 T2050 Yearly Progress Report #5 (PDF) (Issued October 2021)—Interactive Printer Friendly

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T2050 Yearly Progress Report #5 Audio-Enhanced Version (PDF)

Informe de progreso anual del año fiscal 2021 T2050 (PDF) En Español—Spanish Language Interactive Printer Friendly

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Informe de progreso anual #5 con Capacidad de Audio (PDF) En Español