Arts and Culture Commission



The Phoenix Arts and Culture Commission champions the development, promotion and sustainability of Phoenix's vibrant cultural community.

To achieve its mission, the Phoenix Arts and Culture Commission advises the City Council on the allocation of resources to support artists and cultural institutions; promotes cultural programs and events; advocates for and educates the public on the value of the arts; and fosters public and private relationships to sustain these efforts.


The Phoenix Arts and Culture Commission is a diverse group of citizen volunteers appointed by the Mayor and City Council to advise on the development of arts and culture in Phoenix. The commission includes representatives from the cultural, business and education communities and the general public. The commission is supported by other citizens and arts professionals who serve on panels to review applications and make recommendations regarding grant awards and selection of artists for public art projects.

Joseph Benesh
Committee:  Grants

Teniqua Broughton
Committee:  Chair

Matthew Engle
Committee:  Public Art


Danielle Foushee
Committee: Arts Learning

Ben Henderson
Committee:  Advocacy/Marketing

Edward Jensen
Committee:  Public Art


Rachel Johnson
Committee:  Public Art (Chair)

Lin Ling Lee
Committee:  Arts Learning

Randy McDonald
Committee:  Public Art

Regina Nixon
Committee:  Arts Learning (Chair)

Michael Oleskow
Committee:  Public Art

Keith Preston
Committee:  Advocacy/Marketing (Chair)

Nancy Rink
Committee:  Public Art

Illya Riske
Committee:  Public Art

Jacklyn Roessel
Committee:  Arts Learning

Dana Campbell Saylor
Committee:  Vice Chair

Jack Schwimmer
Committee:  Advocacy/Marketing

Mary Stephens
Committee:  Arts Learning

Laura Stone
Committee:  Grants (Chair)


Jenny Strickland 
Committee:  Grants


Fred Ullrich
Committee:  Advocacy/Marketing


Laura Wilde
Committee:  Arts Learning