About City Council Meetings

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​​General Information

All Phoenix City Council formal, policy and special meetings ​are conducted in the City Council Chambers, 200 W. Jefferson St. Citizens are invited to attend and participate. Additional council meetings, as well as city board, commission, committee, and subcommittee meetings, are listed under the public meeting notification listing. Live gavel-to-gavel coverage of city council meetings ar​e broadcast on PHXTV - Channel 11, and on Phoenix.gov

In addition, with 72 hours advance notification, the City Clerk's office will provide sign language interpreting services. For assistance, call 602-262-6557.

Individuals paid to lobby on behalf of persons or organizations other than themselves must register with the City Clerk prior to lobbying or within five business days thereafter and must re-register annually. If you have any questions about registration or whether or not you must register, contact the City Clerk Department at 602-262-6557 or visit lobbyist.phoenix.gov.

Overview of City Council Meetings

Information on each of the following meetings is provided as a public courtesy and is updated on the website on a weekly basis. Most backup reports for the council meetings are available on-line. However, there may also be items available only in hard copy. Detailed reports are filed in the City Clerk Department which can be contacted at 602-262-6557.

City Council Policy Sessions

The city council generally holds policy meetings on Tuesdays at 2:30 p.m. in the City Council Chambers, 200 West Jefferson. At these policy sessions, the council discusses general issues. These meetings provide the council with an opportunity to hear presentations by staff on topics that may come before the council at the formal meeting. The policy session also allows the council to give general direction to staff for future city policies.

During the policy session, the council will also publicly request information from staff or follow-up on issues of interest to the public, ask questions about the formal agenda, and hear reports from the City Manager.

Mayor's Consent Agenda

The consent agenda is made up of items recommended by city staff or council subcommittees which require approval. This agenda is placed weekly as a separate item on the policy agenda. The items on the consent agenda usually have unanimous council support and are voted on as a "package" in the interest of saving time on non-controversial issues. However, any council member may remove an item from the consent agenda to be voted on separately.

Formal City Council Meetings

The Council generally holds a "formal" meeting at 2:30 p.m. on Wednesdays to take official action on Ordinances, Resolutions, and other items on the agenda. Although the formal agenda is subject to change, all changes to the agenda will be available 24 hours prior to the meeting. The City Council does not meet every Wednesday, so visit the City Council Meeting and Packet Information page or call the City Clerk Department at 602-262-6557 to confirm the date of the next formal meeting.

The formal meeting may appear to proceed very quickly, with important decisions reached with little discussion. However, the agenda is available to Council Members the Thursday prior to the meeting, giving them the opportunity to study every item and to ask questions of City staff members. If no additional facts are presented at the meeting, action may be taken without further discussion.

Special Meetings

Special city council meetings may be called by the mayor or by any three council members. A meeting notice is officially posted in compliance with the Arizona Open Meeting Law.

Summer Calendar

The city council normally meets less frequently in July and August. By City Charter, the city council must meet in formal session at least once per month. It has been council's unofficial policy to meet during the first week of July and then the last week of August, taking their summer break between these two meetings.

How Citizens can Participate

Citizens may appear telephonically before the City Council or a Council Subcommittee to express their views on any published agenda item. In addition, Citizen Comments are heard for up to 30 minutes (unless extended by the chair) before adjournment or recess of the formal meeting provided a quorum of the Council is present. Any member of the public will be given three minutes to address the council on issues of interest or concern to them. In compliance with the Arizona Open Meeting Law, the City Council cannot discuss or take formal action on any matter not on the agenda, but may direct staff to follow-up with the citizen.

If you have an individual concern involving the City, you are encouraged to contact your District Council member at 602-262-7029 or the City Manager's Office at  602-262-4449. To reach the Mayor's office, call 602-262-7111. We will do everything possible to be responsive to your individual requests.

Guidelines for being heard

Citizens may only speak when recognized by the mayor or the presiding officer of the meeting if the mayor is absent.  In compliance with the Open Meeting Law, speakers should confine their statements to the issue on the posted agenda which is before the council. Speakers are also requested to limit their comments to approximately two minutes or as designated by the mayor. Additionally, speakers are required to follow proper decorum. Speakers must use appropriate language; foul and/or abusive language will not be tolerated. Any speaker failing to follow proper decorum or any other guidelines may be asked to leave.

Opposing viewpoints may be expressed by the citizens present. As a courtesy, citizens are reminded to address their comments to the mayor and council and not to the audience present. Please show respect for all speakers and avoid personal comments. Remember, council must hear both sides of an issue to make an informed decision.

Planning/Zoning Hearings

Specific guidelines have been recommended by the Planning and Development Department for addressing zoning issues appealed for a public hearing before council. The Planning and Development Department will provide a brief summary and comments followed by comments from the public subject to strict time limits.

  • Applicant's presentation (not to exceed 10 minutes; exhibits permitted)

  • Opposition presentation (not to exceed 10 minutes; exhibits permitted)

  • Applicant's rebuttal (not to exceed two minutes)

  • Other speakers (for/against/neutral) not to exceed two minutes each

Citizens appearing on a case should coordinate comments to respect council's time limits. Groups should select a spokesperson to present the major points of their argument. Additional speakers will be called from the registered requests to speak submitted for a maximum of two minutes each. Speakers are urged to be brief and non-repetitive. (Remember, council has read the back-up materials, including previous public hearings and does not require a review of prior testimony.) The council may ask questions of the applicant, interested parties, or staff during these proceedings that do not count towards the allotted time. Additional speaker time may be limited due to the number of citizens wishing to speak.​​​