City of Phoenix Employees' Retirement System​​​

Member Education ​

In this series of brief ​videos​, you will find helpful information that can assist you in understanding your pension. ​​ ​

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COPERS Overview 

This first video​ will explain what COPERS is and how it works for you.

COPERS Membership 

​This second video will define COPERS Membership, Membership Tiers, Contribution Rates and Vesting.​​​

When Can I Retire? 

This third video will provide details on retirement eligibility. 

Pension Calculation - Straight Life Option

This fourth video will discuss how your pension is calculated. 

​Retirement Options - Part I 

This fifth video will discuss the first three pension payment options. ​

Retirement Options - Part II

This sixth video will discuss the final three pension payment options.​​