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COPERS' Pension Payments

COPERS' pension payments for December 2023 will be processed on January 1, 2024. Transaction processing schedules are determined by each financial institution and will vary. For direct deposit transactions, please check with your financial institution for their processing schedule for transactions received on a non-business day.

Important Tax Announcements



Arizona tax rates have decreased. As a result, Arizona Department of Revenue is revising the withholding percentages on the 2023 Arizona Form A-4P, Annuitant's Arizona Income Tax Withholding.  

On January 1, 2023, the new Arizona withholding tax percentages will take effect. To comply with the state mandate, the City of Phoenix will update all retirees' Arizona withholding elections in eCHRIS to the new corresponding percentage rate (see chart below).  

The updated tax withholding rates will start with the February 1, 2023, pension check.

Any additional amount withheld per pension check will not change. For example, if your current state tax rate is 2.7% in eCHRIS, it will be updated to the corresponding 2.0% tax rate per the 2023 tax rate chart below. If your current tax rate is 2.7%, and you elected to have an additional $100 for withholding per pension check, your tax rate will be updated to the corresponding 2.0% tax rate and the $100 additional withholding amount per pension check continues to apply.

No action is required by you, unless you want to change your Arizona tax withholding election.  You can do this by logging into eCHRIS Self Service on January 1, 2023 or later. To make changes to your state or federal tax withholding election, log into eCHRIS Self Service, then click on the Payroll tile. Next, click on the W-4, W-4P, A-4, A-4P Tax Info hyperlink. If you need assistance navigating in eCHRIS to your tax withholding form, please call the Retirement Office's main phone at (602) 534-4400. If you require an eCHRIS password reset, please call the Help Desk at (602) 534-4357 to assist you.

The City of Phoenix is not authorized to provide tax guidance or tax assistance. For additional information, you can visit the Arizona Department of Revenue's website.  

To view the withholding elections, please select link below.  




City of Phoenix Retiree Association (COPRA)


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​If you need assistance with changes to your direct deposit, tax withholdings and other similar issues, please contact the COPERS office at (602) 534-4400.​​

For ADA/Accessibility concerns or questions, please contact the City of Phoenix ADA/504 Coordinator​​ for more assistance.