Important Information and Reminders:

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COPERS' Pension Payments

COPERS' pension payments for December 2021 will be processed on January 1, 2022. Transaction processing schedules are determined by each financial institution and will vary. For direct deposit transactions, please check with your financial institution for their processing schedule for transactions received on a non-business day.

Important Tax Announcements

2022 W-4P Tax Document Self Service Announcement

There have been mandated changes by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) and we want you to be aware of them. The IRS has changed the Form W-4P, "Withholding Certificate for Periodic Pension or Annuity Payments", and it is very different from their previous W-4P tax forms. If you are completing a W-4P after April 8th, you need to submit a 2022 W-4P through eCHRIS Self-Service or mail it to the Retirement Department. You can obtain a copy of the 2022 W-4P by going to the IRS Website or by visiting

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) requires our notification to you, at least once each year, of your right to make Federal tax withholding elections or revoke such elections. Fortunately, the IRS does not require you to replace your current W-4P that is based on the number of allowances. However, any future changes to federal tax withholdings from your pension paychecks will require the use of the 2022 W-4P tax form.

When you make changes to your A-4P, "Annuitant's Request for Voluntary Arizona Income Tax Withholding", a 2022 W-4P tax form is not required. You will continue to have the ability to make changes solely to your A-4P in eCHRIS Self Service or by mailing it to the City of Phoenix Employees' Retirement System (COPERS). You can obtain a copy of the A-4P by going to the Arizona Department of Revenue Website

The City of Phoenix is not authorized to provide tax advice. If you are seeking tax guidance or advice, we recommend you speak to a professional tax expert.

If you have questions, please contact our office at (602) 534-4400.

This notice is only a reminder of your rights. If you are satisfied with your current monthly Federal tax withholding, no action on your part is necessary. ​

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If you need assistance with changes to your direct deposit, tax withholdings and other similar issues, please contact the COPERS office at (602) 534-4400.​​