Important Information and Reminders:

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COPERS' Pension Payments

COPERS' pension payments for December 2021 will be processed on January 1, 2022.  Transaction processing schedules are determined by each financial institution and will vary.  For direct deposit transactions, please check with your financial institution for their processing schedule for transactions received on a non-business day. 

Important Tax Withholding Notices​

Federal Tax Withholding Elections

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS​) requires our notification to you, at least once each year, of your right to make Federal tax withholding elections or revoke such elections.

If you do not want any Federal income tax withheld from your monthly pension, or if you desire to revoke a prior election to not have Federal withholding apply, please complete the Federal Tax Withholding Form and mail it to the COPERS office. 

We are required to inform that, even if you elect to not have Federal income tax withheld, you are liable for payment of Federal income tax on the taxable portion of your pension.  You may also be subject to tax penalties under the estimated tax payment rules, if your payments of estimated tax and withholding, if any, are not adequate.

Arizona State Tax Withholding Elections

Arizona state tax withholding is no longer calculated as a percentage of federal tax withholding.  Amounts withheld on or after July 1, 2010 will be a percentage of the taxable amount of your pension.  If you would like to change your Arizona state tax withholding election, please complete the Arizona Tax Withholding Form and mail it to COPERS office. 

This notice is only a reminder of your rights.  If you are satisfied with your current monthly Federal tax withholding, no action on your part is necessary. 

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April 2019

If you need assistance with changes to your direct deposit, tax withholdings and other similar issues, please contact the COPERS office at (602) 534-4400.​​