General City Retirees

​Report a Death

To report the death of a COPERS Member, please contact COPERS at (602) 534-4400.


You can complete and print these forms from your computer using Adobe Acrobat Reader.
Sign and mail completed forms to:

200 W. Washington Street, 10th Floor
Phoenix, AZ 85003



Direct Deposit Enrollment (One Financial Institution) Deposit Enrollment (One Financial Institution)
Change of Address Form of Address Form
Designation of Beneficiary of Beneficiary
Arizona State Income Tax Withholding State Income Tax Withholding
Direct Deposit Enrollment (Two Financial Institutions) Deposit Enrollment (Two Financial Institutions)

City of Phoenix Retiree Association (COPRA)

Contact information:

Laura Ross, President  (retiree)


 COPRA (City of Phoenix Retiree Association)

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March 23, 2017 


Please do not contact COPRA if you need to change things such as your direct deposit, tax withholdings, etc.  These questions should be addressed to the COPERS office at (602) 534-4400.