Estimated Impact of Sick Leave Snapshot Change on COPERS' Pension (Tier 1 Members Only)​​​​

Your pension is calculated on your high three years of compensation (consecutive years) within your last ten years. For most employees, your last three years preceding your retirement are the highest. Any loss of compensation within this three year period will decrease your pension amount. Service credit is not impacted as long as 80 hours are worked each month.

Sample Reductions to Pensions due to Sick Leave Snapshot:

Members will be granted service credit for unused sick leave after receiving any eligible payment for unused sick leave as authorized by the City.

Documentation Required to Process Your Retirement



21What documents will be required at the time of retirement?<div class="ExternalClass369A266F50244C7598F54B4E224E5186"><ul><li>Valid picture identification(s)</li><li>Original Social Security card (signed)</li><li>Spouse’s original Social Security card (signed)</li><li>Original or certified Birth Certificate or Current Passport</li><li>Spouse’s original or certified Birth Certificate or Current Passport</li><li>Original Marriage Certificate(s)</li><li>Evidence of name change if name on Birth Certificate differs from Marriage Certificate</li><li>Domestic Relations Order (DRO) affecting your benefit payments (if applicable)</li></ul></div>
22What internal forms will be provided to you by COPERS staff?<div class="ExternalClassD800A63F8BC948449E7C6B1EC37E8426"><ul><li>Direct Deposit Form</li><li>Federal and State Tax Withholding Forms</li><li>Beneficiary Form</li></ul></div>
23What are some tips for employees getting ready to retire?<div class="ExternalClassDEFA96C9969A4228AEAC900806989AA8"><ul><li>​Contact the Social Security Administration for a replacement card or any name changes to your current Social Security card.</li><li>Make sure you start gathering your required documentation early. Some documents may be difficult to obtain on short notice or you may find discrepancies and need to update your legal documents.</li><li>All original documents will be returned to you after copied by COPERS staff.</li></ul></div>