Boot and Tow

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​The Boot and Tow Program is intended as an enforcement remedy against the citizens who ignore parking tickets. Unpaid parking tickets cost the city of Phoenix thousands of dollars in lost and/or delayed revenues. Any citizen with three or more unpaid, defaulted parking tickets can have his/her vehicle "booted."

The "boot" is a mechanical device installed on a vehicle to prevent mobilization. To have the "boot" removed, the citizen must pay the outstanding parking tickets. If not paid by 5:00 p.m. that same day, the car will be towed to prevent vandalism.

Municipal Court's Responsibility

The Municipal Court sends a "pre-boot" notice to any citizen with three or more unpaid, defaulted parking tickets. The citizen has 21 days from the date of the notice to either pay the outstanding fines or request a hearing. If no response to the "pre-boot" is received from the citizen, the license plate of the citizen's vehicle is placed on a list of vehicles eligible for "booting." Then the list is forwarded to the Police Parking Enforcement Unit. Within 10 days after a vehicle has been "booted" and towed, the court notifies the citizen by certified mail that his/her vehicle has been impounded.

Police Responsibility

When a listed car is located, the Parking Enforcement Unit first notifies the Municipal Court Civil Traffic Division's Central Files, to determine if any recent payments have been made. If not, the unit contacts the Motor Vehicle Department to ensure that the citizen with outstanding tickets is still the owner of the vehicle. If no payments have been made and the ownership is correct, a "boot" is placed on the vehicle. The unit remains on an alert to release the vehicle, in case the citizen obtains such a release. If the vehicle is not released by court action that same day, the unit has the vehicle towed by 6 p.m. to prevent vandalism. The unit notifies other Police agencies that the vehicle has been towed, in case the citizen reports the vehicle stolen.

Citizen Responsibility

Don't ignore parking tickets! Please pay the full amount owed when due, but no later than within 21 days of receipt of a "pre-boot" notice to avoid having the vehicle placed on the "boot" eligibility list ... OR ... request a hearing within 21 days of receipt of a "pre-boot" notice to show cause why the vehicle should not be eligible for "booting." If your vehicle is "booted," contact the court by 5:00 p.m. that same day to satisfy the outstanding debt and obtain a vehicle release. Remember - DON'T IGNORE PARKING TICKETS!