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Keven Robinson

Councilman Kevin Robinson was sworn in on April 17, 2023.​

Councilman Kevin Robinson's Biography

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Message from Phoenix Councilman Kevin Robinson on the Passing of Thelda Williamshttps://www.phoenix.gov/newsroom/district-6/2932City Council District 611/16/2023 8:00:00 PMhttps://www.phoenix.gov/newssite/Lists/NewsArticle/Attachments/2932/Newsroom_Council_News_06.jpgMessage from Phoenix Councilman Kevin Robinson on the Passing of Thelda Williams<div class="ExternalClass64B0F78D4F1C434D894A100FC1C8C6F1"><html> <p></p><p> </p><p>"With a heavy heart, I recognize that former Councilwoman and Interim Mayor, Thelda Williams, passed away on Tuesday, Nov. 14. Thelda's relentless service and compassion for improving the communities of Phoenix was recognized by many. Her charisma was undeniable in the work she did. Through times of challenge and transition, Thelda demonstrated resilience and reliability to Phoenix's citizens and staff.</p><p>I first met Thelda in the mid-1980s while I was working alongside her son Murray. Thelda's son and husband both served as Phoenix Police officers. Thelda would frequently visit our precinct. Even though our precinct was not part of her district, she had genuine concern for public safety and always made the effort to hear from neighbors. She knew how important that was to us. I cherish our memories and I am lucky to call her more than colleague, but a friend.</p><p>Her great sense of humor always lit up the room and she had the type of perseverance where she was willing to work with anyone to the move the city in the best direction. Thelda was a true and dedicated public servant, and her positive impact on this great city is felt by all its residents.</p><p>When I was deciding on running for city council, Thelda was one of the first people I spoke to about the role. As she had done so well in her own roles within the city. She supported me throughout my campaign and attended my inauguration last spring. She will be dearly missed by many. I am thankful for the presence and impact she made in my own life. </p><p> The city is excited to honor and commemorate Thelda's impact with the unveiling of the Thelda Williams Transit Center near Metro Center." </p> </html></div>https://www.phoenix.gov/district6Newsdistrict-6

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