District 6 Helpful Phone Numbers

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Table displaying contact information via phone for city services
ContactPhone Number
Animal Control - Maricopa County602-506-PETS
Bus Service602-253-5000
Camelback Mountain climbcamelback.com
City Clerk602-262-7029
City Information Desk602-262-6011
Crime Stop (Police Non-Emergency Number) 602-262-6151
Desert Botanical Gardens480-941-1225
Development Services602-262-7811
Devonshire Senior Center602-256-3130
Garbage Collection602-262-7251
Graffiti Busters602-495-7014
Hall of Flame602-275-3473
Human Services Department602-262-6666
Illegal Dumping602-262-7251
Illegal Dumping (Washes)602-262-6441
Illegal Signs602-534-7100
Ironwood Library602-262-4636
Municipal Volunteer Program602-534-1687
Neighborhood Services Preservation Hotline602-262-7844
Neighborhood Services Department602-262-7344
Papago Park602-261-8318
Parks and Recreation Department 602-262-6862
Pecos Community Center602-495-5500
Phoenix Zoo602-273-1341
Planning Department602-262-7131
Poison Control602-253-3334
Public Works - Garbage Collection and Recycling602-262-7251
Sky Harbor Airport602-273-3455
South Mountain Preserve602-495-5078
Streets - General Repair 602-262-6441
Streets Projects602-262-6284
Street Sweeping 602-262-6441
Water Leaks 602-261-8000
Water Services602-262-6251