OHSEM - Make a Plan

​​​​​​​​​​​​​What If Disaster Strikes Your Neighborhood? 



Do You Have a Plan?

Disasters can happen anywhere, any time! They don't discriminate. They can impact anyone. Fires, wind damage and flooding are just some of the natural disaster threats in Arizona.

Make a Plan:​

Do you have a plan if it happens to you? What if your family is separated? Do they know how to communicate if the cell system is down or becomes unreliable? Thinking about these issues, before the disaster and creating a plan is the key to weathering the storm!

  1. Discuss with your Family:

    1. How will we receive emergency alerts?

    2. What is my plan for shelter if we must leave our home?

    3. How will I evacuate my home or neighborhood?

    4. Create a communication plan. Remember, Text is Best during a disaster!

  2. Consider Your Needs: If you must evacuate quickly, what do you need to have ready to go? Does your family have special needs (Medications, dietary needs, special equipment, etc.) to plan for? Don't forget to plan for your pet​s!

  3. Write it Down: Once your answer these questions, write it down and make sure everyone knows what to do.

  4. Practice: Practicing your plan helps make sure everyone knows what to do!


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