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"I'll only be a minute" . . . Five words that cost more than you think!

Sometimes it's tempting to park in a disabled space "just for a minute." Or maybe to use Grandma's car with the disabled license plate or that trip to the mall. Or maybe to squeeze into the yellow striped area next to a disabled parking space.

After all, it's hot, you're in a hurry, and who are we really inconveniencing anyway?

A wheelchair user is stranded for hours in a hot parking lot because an illegally parked car is blocking his van's wheelchair lift.

A mother struggles with her child in crutches through a busy supermarket parking lot because every disabled space is taken - and only one car has a disabled placard.

A dialysis patient slowly makes his way to an appointment from a distant parking spot because someone in a sport utility vehicle with mountain bikes on top took the last disabled space.

The next time you're tempted to park in a disabled space, think about whose space you're taking.  If your conscience doesn't stop you from parking illegally, maybe your wallet will.

The city of Phoenix has created the "Save Our Space" campaign to educate the public about the importance of saving disabled parking spaces for those people who really need them. The city of Phoenix has more than doubled the fine for illegal use of designated accessible parking spaces - the fines for this violation range from $296 to $565.

An ordinance also makes it illegal for parked vehicles to block accessible curb cuts and ramps. Citations will be issued to anyone, including a disabled driver, who parks in the yellow striped access aisle adjacent to designated accessible parking spaces.

The city is committed to the enforcement of this law through the use of trained Accessible Compliance Enforcement (ACE) volunteers and police officers who issue citations.  To report disabled parking violations or inquire about the ACE program, call the Phoenix Police Department at 602-534-SPACE (7722).  Provide the license number, description of the vehicle, and the time and location of the violation.

For more information or an alternate format, contact the Equal Opportunity Department, 200 W. Washington St., 15th Floor, Phoenix, AZ 85003 or 602-262-7486/Voice, 7-1-1/TTY, 602-534-1124/Fax or visit


Mayor's Commission on Disability Issues Brochure.pdf