Supplier Self-Registration Privacy Policy

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By accessing and using procurePHX, you are hereby consenting to submit information or transact with the city of Phoenix electronically, and you are representing that: (i) you are an authorized user, and that you have properly logged into the system utilizing your unique user identification and password; (ii) you have all requisite permissions to enter data or provide electronic signatures in procurePHX; (iii) you will follow all city of Phoenix instructions for using the procurePHX; and (iv) you will not misuse in procurePHX. You may not alter, copy, interfere with, or modify the procurePHX software, nor may you reverse engineer or attempt to extract the source code of that software. Your use of procurePHX is subject to the City of Phoenix Public Information Policy and Security and Privacy Policy. The city of Phoenix will suspend and/or terminate your access to procurePHX if you violate these terms or if you fail to comply with the city of Phoenix policies.

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