Supplier Registration Instructions

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​​ procurePHX logoPhoenix values its relationships with its vendors. To become a vendor with the city, you must complete the vendor self-registration process. It takes the city about two business days to approve the registration. Part of the registration process is determining your taxing jurisdiction, your eligibility for small business programs, and verifying your submittal of a signed W9 form from the IRS.

For Arizona based suppliers/vendors you may use the Arizona Department of Revenue website to determine your taxing jurisdiction.

Registration Instructions

The next step is registering for access to the city's procurePHX portal. The portal provides access to the solicitations that are open for bid. Solicitations are sent to the registered emails a vendor has on its file for their company and for the product category codes you have selected. This is also where vendors submit their bids for open solicitations. Below are downloadable instructions to to help you register. You will need Adobe Reader to view these PDF documents. PDFs will open in a new window or tab; close the  window or tab to return to this page.

For questions about procurePHX, please send an email to

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