Public Records

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​​​Steps to Obtain Records ​​​

  1.  Complete the correct records request forms (Note: Medical Records require additional authorization documents: a Medical Release form available from your attorney, Power of Attorney, Notarized Authorization & ID from patient)
  2. Submit to Fire Department
  3. You will be notified when your request is complete and the fee assessed
  4. Pay fees
  5.  Receive Records

Fee Schedule 

(Requests will not be released without payment)

  • Photocopies:

Non-commercial use: City standard copy fee, $.24 per page

Commercial use: $29.00 per request plus the City standard copy fee, $.24 per page.

  • Audio Tapes $2.75
  • Photo CD $4.00
  • Video Tapes $29.00
  • Photograph Prints $.50 each
  • 911 Audio CD $16.50 (Note:  Records older than 6 months plus one day, from date of incident are not available, per City of Phoenix Retention Schedule)
  • Fire Inspection Activity History Search: $29 per address plus the City standard copy fee, $.24 per page

Payment will be accepted by cash, charge or check made to the City of Phoenix.

Click here for records request forms.