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What is a dementia friendly city? 

​​​​​A dementia friendly city is one that is informed, safe, and respectful of individuals with dementia and provides supportive options that enhance quality of life. ​These cities educate residents to build understanding and compassion for those with memory loss and their families. The City of Phoenix became America's largest dementia friendly city in April of 2020. ​

 Become a Dementia Friend Today

Becoming a D​ementia Friend is the first and best step to building a community that is understanding and compassio​​nate of people with dementia. A Dementia Friend is someone who learns the basics about the disease and how to support people with memory loss. ​

We are proud to offer Dementia Friends information sessions to individuals or groups. To find a session near you, please contact adrian.keller@phoenix.gov.

Memory Cafes

​​Memory Cafes are ​friendly, welcoming settings for individuals with cognitive impairments and memory loss, as well as their caregivers. They provide opportunities for socializing, memory stimulation, and support. ​​ 

City of Phoenix Memory Cafes

​Human Services is currently hosting a virtual Memory Cafe every other Wednesday at 10:30am. If you are interested in attending, contact sanja.tetaric@phoenix.gov. ​

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Other Community Memory Cafes

Jewish Family and Children's Services (North Central Phoenix)​​
Duet Memory Cafe (Central Phoenix)
Barrow Spanish Only Cafe de la Memoria (Central Phoenix)


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To access other senior programs and services, visit Phoenix.gov/humanservices.


Dementia in Arizona 

  • 5.8 million ​Americans have Alzheimer's Dise​​​ase
  • In Arizona, 15​0,000 people live with the disease
  • This affects more than 330​,000 caregivers 
  • 42.9% estimated increase in cases by 2025
  • Arizona is the fastest growing state in the nation for dementia diagnoses

With an expected rapid increase in Alzheimer’s Disease and other dementia related diagnoses as our Arizona communities age, it is critical that we develop essential services to support persons with these conditions and their support systems to live full, quality lives. Becoming a Dementia Friendly City is the best first step toward this goal.​