Vacant Property Registry

​​​​​In December 2023, the Phoenix City Council approved the Neighborhood Services Department's Vacant Property Registry (VPR). The VPR is an online portal that maintains contact information for owners of vacant properties that meet specific criteria outlined in the Phoenix City Code. The City of Phoenix uses the registry to notify property owners of code violations and property-related issues.​

Why a Vacant Property Registry?

Vacant properties can present a challenge when trying to notify a responsible party regarding code violations. Without a mechanism to search for owners of vacant property, it can take substantial time to locate a contact. In many cases, the property owner is located out of state and does not have a designated local contact to address issues timely. 

Benefits of a Registry

The VPR alleviates barriers by providing a free, online portal that is virtually available anytime and from anywhere. Owners can register, provide contact information, and gain access to educational resources at their convenience. 
  • Proactive Education for Property Owners
    • Owner responsibilities​
    • Available resources
The VPR also addresses the community's need for an efficient response to crime, blight, and other related code violations. 
  • Requires local point of contact 
  • Reduces notice time
  • Increases penalties for non-compliance

​Required to Register

As of January 1, 2024, the following types of properties are required to register with the Neighborhood Services Department if vacant for more than 30 days: ​

  • ​Non-residential properties
  • Unimproved land measuring over 10,000 square feet 
  • Residential properties with 50 or more units vacant ​
Read the Ordinance


Enhanced Penalty Structure

Vacant properties that meet the above criteria are required to register with NSD. Non-compliance may subject the property owner to penalties including: 

  • ​1st violation: $500 minimum
  • 2nd violation: $1,000 
  • 3rd and subsequent violations: $2,500 maximum

Register Now

​​The Vacant Property Registry is now available on myPHX311!

If you have an existing myPHX311 account, ​you will be required to log-in before accessing the registry. 

First-time users will need to create an account before they can access the Vacant Property Registry.

​​Go to myPHX311

​Owner Resources

​The following links contain educational material for vacant property owners:

Property Maintenance/C​​​ode Information

Contact Us

For questions regarding the Vacant Property Registry, send us an email:


To report a property that is vacant and experiencing blight or other related issues, please contact:​

blight@phoenix.gov ​

Information sessions are coming in 2024! Stay tuned for additional information.