American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) Grants

Funds Overview, Regulations & Application



In March 2021, the American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) of 2021 was signed into law providing the City of Phoenix with nearly $396 million. The first allocation of $198 million was received in May 2021 of which $28,800,000 was dedicated to youth and education programs. The Parks and Recreation Department continues to provide Phoenix youth with free and affordable youth sports and afterschool program opportunities using these dedicated funds.

COMING SOON! An additional $500,000 has been allotted to fund the department's first Park Activation Grant Program starting in 2023. The department seeks to activate parks through programming in a variety  of ways to promote recreational opportunities, the enjoyment of City parks and facilities, and ensuring parks provide a welcoming and safe place for everyone. Neighborhood organizations registered with the City of Phoenix seeking to coordinate and hold park activation events and programs in parks serving qualified cencus tracts and populations are eligible to apply. More information and application coming soon!


ARPA Funds Regulations for Park Activation Grant Program

The following is a list of general governing regulations to consider before applying.

  • Funds are to be spent solely on park activation programs only 

  • Funds can be spent on direct program materials, equipment, and staffing (i.e. program equipment, recreation supplies, marketing materials, prgram site staff
  • Funds cannot be spent on organization administrative staffing and associate costs to manage/support park activation program
  • Funds must provide universal access to safe and reliable programming across the City of Phoenix (program offerings must be ADA compliant).

  • Program providers will be required to report their efforts to help close equity gaps in community's that need safe and reliable programming the most.

  • All funds must be tracked to ensure legal use of funds and to support potential audits

  • Financial, performance and compliance reporting will be required.  Note: Full recipient compliance and reporting Guidance can be found below:​

Full recipient compliance and reporting Guidance:
On June 17, 2021, Treasury released the Compliance and Reporting Guidance for this program. The guidance provides additional detail and clarification for each recipient's compliance and reporting responsibilities, and should be read in concert with the Award Terms and Conditions, the authorizing statute, the Interim Final Rule (IFR).

ARPA Funds Tracking

Part of the allocation of ARPA funds includes the requirement to track the funds to ensure all dollars are being spent for their intended purpose. Funds allocated to neighborhood organizations will be monitored by the Parks Department to guarantee funds are being spent as intended. Monthly reports (standard reporting template to be provided) showing any expenditure of ARPA funds will be required of all awarded neighborhood organizations.

Park Activation Grant Program Application- Coming Soon!