Impact Fee Estimates

​​​​Impact Fee calculations are set so that each type of land use pays a fair share of the infrastructure required to support development in the city's growth areas. In addition, different areas have unique infrastructure requirements, so the cost of providing the same level of service in each area may vary. This results in different fees for different uses, as well as different fees for different impact fee areas.

Single-Family Development

The table below indicates the impact fees due at the time a construction permit is issued for a single-family home in each of the 8 different impact fee areas within the city of Phoenix. All links within the table are in PDF format.

Single-Family Residential Impact Fees

​Effective April 6, 2015
​​ Impact Fee Area
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Net Impact Fee1,2 Administrative Charge3 Total Due at Time Permit Is Issued
Ahwatukee AW$6,413$95$6,508
Deer Valley DV$11,459$149$11,608
Estrella Nor​th ES$10,085$136$10,221
Estrella ​​South ES$11,966$155$12,121
Laveen East​​ LV$10,084$136$10,220
Laveen West LV$11,810$153$11,963
Northeast​​​ NE​$14,667​​$182$14,849​
Northwest NW​$13,368$168$13,536

1. The Net Impact Fee may be lower than shown in the table if impact fee credits are applicable.
2. Assumes a 1" water meter or smaller, and separate payment of a $600 Water and $600 Sewer Development Occupational Fee.
3. The Administrative Charge is payable in addition to the net impact fees, and is non-refundable.

Multi-Family, Commercial, and Industrial Development

Multi-family developments (apartments/condominiums), commercial, and industrial developments have fees which are somewhat more complicated to calculate, since there are more variables involved. However, please feel free to download the following spreadsheet if you wish to estimate the fees for your project:

You are also welcome to contact Impact Fee Staff ​if you would like a staff estimate of the impact fees for your development.

Whether staff calculates your fee estimate, or you calculate the estimated fee using one of the spreadsheets, you will need the following information:

  • Planned use (commercial, office, industrial, multifamily, public/institutional)
  • Which impact fee area the project is located within (see Map of Impact Fee Areas (PDF))
  • Gross acreage of the property (if located in the Laveen (PDF) or Estrella (PDF) Impact Fee Areas)
  • Square footage of buildings
  • Number of units (for apartments/condos)
  • Type and size of water meter(s) (for water impact fees)