Fees, Valuations and Assurances

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The Planning and Development Department (PDD) Development Center Payments & Submittals Counter is where the majority of fees are collected during the Plan Review or Permitting process.  Fees are also collected at the Civil Permits/Water Services Counter and through various PDD online project tools​ for Plan Reviews and Permits.

Additionally, PDD collects fees for other departments during various service delivery processes.

A careful review of cost data associated with PDD services is performed before the fee structure is set. Moreover, the fee structure is reviewed by the Development Advisory Board (DAB). After the DAB reviews the fees, the City Council reviews and approves the fee schedule.  These two citizen-oriented reviews help share a well-rounded fee structure.

Payment types accepted include cash, check, credit card (Visa, MC, AMEX, Discover), and bank wire transfer/ACH.  Please contact your project Team Leader for bank wire transfer/ACH instructions.

PDD is not able to accept mobile payments, third-party checks, foreign currency/checks, E-checks or online payment apps such as PayPal. ​​​