Group Homes/Community Residences

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​​The City of Phoenix has recently updated zoning regulations related to group homes. This includes licensed homes for assisted living, behavioral health, sober living, and developmental disabilities; as well as ​unlicensed homes, such as general group homes and boarding houses. The changes include the following:
  • Updated terminology and regulations to treat all homes for individuals with disabilities the same. Homes with up to 10 residents with disabilities are community residence homes and facilities with more than 10 residents are community residence centers.

  • Strengthened regulations for group homes, boarding houses and larger community residences with more than 10 residents. Use permits are required in the multifamily zoning districts, as well ¼ mile spacing.

  • Strengthened criteria for disability accommodation reviews to discourage clustering of group homes, boarding houses, and community residences. The city will not administratively approve a group home, boarding house, or community residence  (through a staff review) if there is another such home on the same block, on the block across the street, behind, or behind and cattycorner from the proposed home.

  • Added parking standard for structured sober living homes with six to 10 residents. Four onsite parking spaces is required.

  • Created a Zoning Disability Accommodation Committee to review and provide decisions on disability accommodation requests. The committee consists of five members. They are: the department directors from the Equal Opportunity Department, Neighborhood Services Department, and Planning and Development Department, or their designees; and two members appointed by the City Manager. One representing a registered neighborhood organization and the other representing the community residence industry.