​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Demolition of existing residential or commercial structures requires a permit whether activities are interior or exterior.   

Interior Demolition 

Permit required to ensure building systems integrity and can generally be issued after initial counter review and payment.  When significant structural demolition occurs, a plan review may be required.

Exterior Demolitions 

Application subject to additional plan review  processes prior to any demolition activities.  Demolition permits will not be issued until the Exterior Demolition Review Process has been completed.  Properties subject to special review include:  

  1. Properties designated on the Phoenix Historic Property Register require approval of the Historic Preservation Officer prior to any demolition activity
  2. Properties that are eligible for designation but are not listed on the Phoenix Historic Property Register
  3. Commercial properties 50 years of age or older

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Demolition Processes and Procedures

Consider Deconstruction, an enviromentally-friendly alternative that allows materials to be reused.

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​Watch the video below to learn about the process for the demolition of buildings 50 years or older.

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