Glossary of Terms

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​Arizona Revised Statutes


​Statutory laws in the State of Arizona.


​A specific area within a precinct designated the assignment of a patrol officer.

​Body Worn Camera


​Phase one implementation was completed in August of 2019.  Phase two continues to move forward.  

​Community Action Officer


​Community Action Officers function out of each precinct.  They work in partnership with community groups and other City departments to provide a holistic approach to a multitude of community concerns.

​Crime Analysis Research Unit


​Collects and disseminates police data.

​Community Engagement and Outreach Task Force


​The objective is to engage and collaborate with the community to enhance police relations through dialogue and partnerships. 

​Chain of Command

The chain of command is the hierarchical arrangement of positions or offices within this department by level of duty or responsibility. This establishes vertical authority by relationships in which each level is distinguished from all others by specific title, rank, or other special designation.​

​Crisis Intervention Team 


​Crisis Intervention Team officers have specialized training with respect to dealing with individuals in crisis.  Their enhanced training equips them to deal with individuals experiencing a behavioral health episode.

​Command Staff

​Command Staff are those staff members of the rank of Commander or above, or other designated employees who are responsible or directly accountable for the proper function of a bureau, division, or precinct.

​Citizens Police Academy


​Modified police academy provided to citizens of the community to provide an inside look at police training.  These are conducted in both English and Spanish. 

​Community and Police Trust Initiative


​Formed in 2015 to review police and community relations.  The initiative was composed of 17 community members from a variety of community groups.  

​Community Relations Bureau


​This bureau provides direction for the Crisis Intervention Team, Community Response Squad and other community centric units.

​Community Response Squad


​Detectives assigned to this unit maintain an ongoing relationship with various community groups and advisory groups.  The partnerships they maintain help increase improved dialogue with the police and the community.  This is especially important when groups express their desire to demonstrate. 

​Crime Scene Specialist


​These are civilian positions who respond to crime scenes with detectives and/or officers.  They conduct thorough crime scene evidence collections at larger crime scenes. 

​Disciplinary Review Board


​The Disciplinary Review Board is comprised of citizens and sworn personnel.  They hear and decide the degree of discipline a police employee may receive.  They determine the level of discipline after hearing a presentation from the Professional Standards Bureau.

​Employee Assistance Unit


​The Employee Assistance Unit is responsible for providing assistance to employees in time of emotional or psychological need.  There are a number of resources available to employees who are experiencing a stressful time.

​Early Intervention


​A mechanism by which the Department can potentially predict officer conduct.  Identifying potential employee issues can help target specific services to employees.  

​Fugitive Apprehension and Investigations Detail


​Those assigned to this detail are tasked with locating and arresting fugitives and violent felons.  They predominantly work in plain clothes capacity.

​Field Training Officer


​An officer assigned to train a newly graduated officer from the academy.  This would be considered “on the job" training.  

​Getting Arizona Involved in Neighborhoods


​A day for neighborhoods to join forces and promote awareness, safety and neighborhood unity.  

​Information Technology Services


​Neighborhood Enforcement Team


​Two squads are assigned per precinct.  They can operate in uniform and/or in plain clothes capacity.  They are a proactive crime enforcement piece to precinct crime prevention efforts.  

​National Police Foundation


​This organization completed a study as a result of the number of officer involved shootings in calendar year 2018.  The results of their study were released in early 2019.  NPF is an independent, non-profit, non-partisan group established with the purpose of helping police department become more effective through science and innovation.

​Officer Involved Shooting


​Any shooting incident in which a police officer discharges their weapon at a person.  This does not include dispatching an animal 

​Officer In Training


​A newly graduated officer from the academy.  The officer rides with a tenured officer who trains him on basic police functions and procedures.  

​Point Guns at People


​Tracking the number of times officers point their gun at a person was recently implemented.  This data tracks the number of times officers de-escalated a situation which did not result in an officer involved shooting.  

​Phoenix Law Enforcement Association


​Labor organization representing Phoenix Police officers and detectives


​A geographical area supported by a contingent of uniformed patrol officers dedicated to respond to emergency and non-emergency calls.

​Professional Standards Bureau​


​Sergeants and Lieutenants assigned to this bureau are tasked with investigating misconduct on the part of police employees.  They present a case before the Disciplinary Review Board and the Use of Force Board.  In addition, in the case of appeals, are tasked with presenting a case before the Civil Service Board. 

​Phoenix Police Sergeants and Lieutenants Association


​Labor organization representing Phoenix Police sergeants and lieutenants​.

​Records Management System


​The system utilized by the Department to manage police reports

​Special Assignments Unit


​More commonly known as “SWAT."  Those assigned to this unit serve search warrants and handle barricade situations.  In addition to use of special tactics, they have specialized negotiators assigned to the unit.  


​A squad designates an element consisting of one or more employees with special functional responsibilities and is subordinate to a division or unit. A squad is commanded by a sergeant.

​School Resource Officer


​An officer assigned to a school who will enforce any laws while on school property however, their primary focus is on training and education of students.  

​Traumatic Incident Intervention Resources


The purpose is to enhance connectivity of existing resources to community members who witness or were directly involved in a Phoenix Police Department critical incident. 

​Tactical Response Unit


​Officers with specialized training to deal with large protesting crowds.  Most are assigned to downtown operations however; this unit is supplemented by precinct personnel.  

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