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​​​​​Where to Park Downtown

Before you come to downtown Phoenix for the College Football Playoff activities, here's some helpful information on parking.

Parking Garages

Approximately 42 public and private parking structures​ are available throughout the Downtown vicinity, totaling more than 25,000 parking spaces at various times throughout the day and night. The main parking structures are located between Seventh Street and Seventh Avenue, from Fillmore to Lincoln Streets.  View our MAP for parking structure locations.

​For the most up-to-date information regarding parking availability, call the Downtown Phoenix Ambassadors at 602-495-1500.

Parking Meters

Learn more about parking meters in downtown Phoenix

ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) Drop-off /Pick-up Locations

ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) drop-off locations are available throughout downtown. These locations are only intended for drop off and pick up purposes. View our MAP for ADA drop-off/pick-up locations.

•  3rd Street and Jefferson (just south, west curb)
•  Jackson, between 1st & 2nd Street (south curb)
•  5th Street between Washington and Monroe (east side)
•  1st Avenue and Adams (north curb, just west of 1st Avenue)
•  Between 2nd and 3rd Avenue (south curb of Jefferson)
•  3rd Street and Taylor (east curb)
•  5th Street and Van Buren (just north, west curb)
•  2nd Street and Washington (Symphony Hall pull-in)
•  1st Street and Adam (south curb)

Taxi Zones

During Playoff Fan Central, dedicated taxi zones will be made available in downtown at the following locations:

  • Jefferson Street - Second to First avenues
  • Fifth Street - Monroe to Van Buren streets
  • Third Street - Jackson to Buchanan streets
  • Monroe Street - Second to Third streets
  • First Street - Monroe to Van Buren streets